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he Sea-Hags continued to war against the faction due to their support of the Mer-folk, and most recently reawakened the Cu-Hurigan, a race of extremely tough sea demons that have laid waste to areas around the Forest isles.
The Cu-Hurigan are a an underwater race of Sea Demons that seem to originate in Mauritanja. Their main centre of activity is around Forest isle in South East Mauritanja. They are Green skinned with Black scales, though variants have been seen.

here the Cu-Hurigan came from originally is unknown at the moment. All that is known is that the Sea Hags brought them back after they captured a Tankard at Get Stuffed IV. This allowed them to get to the Tempest ritual circle in the Solent and perform a ritual. Their appearance seemed to coincide with the sinking of several islands due to Holy Isle's touch down.

hat they want is a little more unclear. The Sea Hags sought to control the Cu-Hurigan but failed and returned to the Unicorns seeking peace (but were unfortunately butchered by some Mer-folk). The Cu-Hurigan have done little so far to communicate their desires to the Unicorn Faction. They have ransacked the Isle of the Dead, one of the sunken Forest Isles where the Will of Babd-Catha had laid their fallen. They have assaulted various ships around that area and many of their warriors to capture and kill those who attended the recent Moots on Unicorn lands. But why they are doing these things is not known as the Cu-Hurigan do not seem to be able to talk in the common tongue and none have been captured for interrogation yet.

everal types of Cu-Hurigan have been identified so far. The males seem distinctly different from the females. The main number of the males seem to warriors. Extremely heavily muscled they have thick scales and carry large very sharp weapons. They do not wear armour, but their natural toughness makes them almost as tough as a warrior in full armour anyhow. Some of these have black markings across them and are larger still. Their scales are so tough that normal blades just slide off them. However, blunt weapons have full effect.

smaller variant of the males seems to have some magical ability. Their powers is more akin in Incantation than spell casting. They are less heavily muscled and less heavily armed, but are still tougher than your average human warrior. Some have reported these more magical Cu-Hurigan having ability to freeze with a touch, but this is not confirmed.

owever the Women of the Cu-Hurigan are the obvious leaders of the race. They wear some form of magical armour formed out of Ice, and the more powerful of these are immune to even enchanted blades. Their blades bite with searing cold and they can strike down their foes with the power of their mind. In the assault on Talkontar at the first Moot1 1101 AF, several older Women were seeing unleashing such forces that they pierced the Ritual of Peace and left Unicorns bleeding on the floor.

t the Mauritanjan Winter Parliament of 1102 AF, the Cu-Hurigan laid heavy assault to the isle of Vaecena. They were led by a creature made of water called Leviathan that claimed to be their creator. Their heavy assault almost destroyed the Unicorns who held the island, but they managed to seal the rift that Leviathan sought to open and repel his attacks. Since then the Cu-Hurigan have retreated to the south east of Forest Isle, in South Eastern Mauritanja.


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