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Leviathan is an enigma, a creature from the distant past that claims much but has little to substantiate its claims. What it truly is may never come to be known, but the Cu-Hurigan are loyal to it and treat it like it is their ancestor. It has been around since before the Vaecenans and seemed to have been involved in the Vaecenan / Cu-Hurigan war.

Where Leviathan came from has yet to be uncovered. It claims that in the ancient past of Mauritanja it arrived and slept deep beneath the waves. It claims to have created the Cu-Hurigan, the Sea Hags and the Merfolk but that only the Cu-Hurigan remember it.

Indeed the Cu-Hurigan treat it like it is their creator, throwing their lives away against the blades of the Unicorns at its every whim. They treat it like it is holy and Incant in its name, and their incantations work extremely well as some might tell you.

What Leviathan wants is difficult to know. It sought that the isle of Vaecena be resunk when it had the rift open upon it. It seems to generate some vast area of magical water wherever it goes, that ships cannot sail over and fish cannot breath in. The bodies it uses are magical water, animated in some haphazard fashion and thrown at whatever faces it without much care to their survival. What it truly is and what it wants from Mauritanja may wait to be a discussion for many years to come.

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