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The Unicorns also have close ties with the Merfolk that live in Aquatanja, the seas around Mauritanja. The Merfolk assist the Unicorns in the waters around Mauritanja, especially against the underwater threats of the area, such as the Sea Hags and Cu-Hurigan.

There is currently a race of underwater creatures known as Merfolk who live in the Solent, between North Isle and South Isle. These creatures are humanoid, but are mostly water breathers, occasionally utilizing potions to breath on land. They are intelligent, magic orientated creatures.
The Merfolk are organized in groups known as Shoals. These currently number 10 and are steadily growing in size. The total number of Merfolk is perhaps a few thousand, including young. Each of the different Shoals specializes in a different aspect of life. An elder council is formed by a leader from each of the Shoals, and they have nominated Merquis Seahorse, daughter to Neptune Seahorse, to act as liaison to the Unicorn Faction.

The Merfolk believe everything and everyone is equal. They recognize the importance of leadership, however, they believe that gathering food, cleaning up, etc; is just as important. They believe in the cycle of events and that everything and everyone has a past in it. The Merfolk believe in diplomacy, almost to a point where they are fanatical. Everyone has a right to speak with a right to an opinion.

However, this must be tempered with, at best, politeness and respect and, at worst, neutrality. They do not appreciate, or take kindly to, bolshie, arrogant, impetuous people. The Merfolk are very proud of their race as a whole being able to live in the sea and live a lifestyle with a conscience is very important and natural to them. They believe they have done well considering the sea can be so cruel. They are fiercely protective of their homes and consequently their defenses are very good.

There is only one exception to this philosophy, known as the "Merfolk Claws". This exception is towards the Sea Hags, or Hydracuse. The Hydracuse are the Merfolk’s mortal enemy. They are barbaric, wicked and cruel in most aspects, but are also cruel and clever in their dealings with others. They are also almost as strong magically as the merfolk. The Merfolk have sworn death on all Hydracuse, indeed this is the only time when they let their emotions get the better of them.

Notable People of the Merfolk
Neptune’s Trident Seahorse
Morag Pearl
Sword Finchmond
Coral Cutilkelp
Dolphin Swim
Crabon Crawfish Winold Whale Pufflie Furlong Bluedawn Mermon Gormond Crustation

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