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All is not quiet amongst the Unicorn people either. Since the switch from a Republic to a Monarchy, a strong movement has arisen from the people who dislike this new type of government. Their actions so far have involved poisoning and kidnapping.

The Republicans history is a short one. In 1099 AF the Unicorn faction was still a Republic, controlled by Lady General Adelena. When the Shadowkin King, Eldrazar, decided that they would hand over the lands of Mauritanja and the defences to Lady Adelena on condition that she would become Queen, many Unicorns backed her. However at that time a dissention grew elsewhere in Unicorn lands that was against the idea.

The Republican Movement was born somewhere on North or South Isle, no-one is entirely sure. Their first impact was in spreading leaflets that spoke out against the Unicorn Crown, stating that to put the power of the nation into one person's hands was to the detriment of all Unicorns. At first the Crown and its supporters clamped down heavily on those giving out leaflets. Then they decided that the Republicans should be allowed free speech and allowed the leaflets to be distributed.

However, the Republicans were not happy with just sitting and discussing the situation. After making demands that the Unicorns should revert to being a Republic, several poisonings and kidnappings took place and demands, on the lives of the victims, were made. The Unicorns managed to recover those kidnapped, but the kidnappers were never caught. The Unicorn Crown asked the Republicans to come and talk to the faction, rather than threaten them.

So the Republicans sent their representative, Mallor, to talk to the Unicorn people. He gave out further information pertaining to the Republicans views that having a Supreme Ruler whose word was Law was against the best interests of the Unicorn people. He gave speeches at musters and discussed long into the night the pros and cons of government. He acted as a spokesperson for the Republicans and, so far, has gone unmolested.

The Leader of the Republicans though continued to push the Unicorn people. The Republican Leader (his name still unknown) stated that the will of the people was on his side. He had the goods on several trade carvans poisons and made threats that eventually forced the Unicorns to listen to what he had to say. But still no second vote on the Monarchy has happened.

Then the Vipers invaded North Isle along with the Skathen. The Republicans, proclaiming themselves true Unicorns, made a peace pact with the Crown and said that they would hold off hostilities until after the threat to Mauritanja was removed. The war on North Isle laster many months, but eventually the Vipers and Skathen were removed.

Since then the Republicans have decided to go to war against the Imperial Family when they didn't not get their way. This culminated in repeated attacks at the Mauritanjan Winter Parliament of 1102 AF, where their leader was tracked down and killed in the southern forests of Quetal, on North Isle. Since then the Republican cause has fragmented and all but disappeared.


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