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The Sea-Hags continued to war against the faction due to their support of the Mer-folk, and most recently reawakened the Cu-Hurigan, a race of extremely tough sea demons that have laid waste to areas around the Forest isles.

The Sea Hags or Hydracuse, are an old enemy of the Merfolk. Similar in many ways they are an underwater race that has adapted to function out of the water in raids against Unicorn lands and ships. They can be easily distinguished by their blue skin and green scales.

The Sea-Hags have lived in Aquatanja, the undersea Mauritanja, for a long time. They are thought to live in the waters to the West and South West of Gavelle. They are thought to have existed before the formation of Mauritanja during the Cataclysm, living in the warm waters in the area.

The Sea Hags are in the midst of a war against the Mer-folk and now against the Unicorns, as the Mer-folk allies. The Sea Hags have fought against the Mer-folk for as long as either side can remember, one side or other gaining the upperhand over the years. After the Mer-folk captured the underwater Tempest Ritual Circle in the Solent, the Mer-folk gained a large advantage. The Sea Hags hoped to equal the sides by re-awakening the Cu-Hurigan in eastern waters to join with them against the Mer-folk. However, the Cu-Hurigan attacked all in sight and seemed to be following their own plans.

The Sea Hags differ from the Mer-folk in many ways. They are able to cope with survival in the air for a lot longer than the Merfolk. The Male Sea Hags are the weaker of the two sexes. They tend to be slim in build, but often wear armour and have even been known to use projectile weapons. They tend to have some magical ability, usually spellcasting to a minor level. Overall the male sea hags are physically and magically inferior compared to humans or other land based races.

The Female of the Sea Hags species is the true Hag. They are either of the elder seer type, or the female warrior. The seers are quite often powerful in spellcasting magic, though High magic is beyond their abilities. The female warriors are strong and tough and can cast their spells no matter what armour they are wearing. The Sea Hag females are closely guarded by the much more numerous males, who are subservient to their will.

During the early part of 1102 AF the Sea Hag breeding grounds were uncovered by the work of the Unicorn Navy. These breeding grounds were then attacked by a combined force of Unicorns, Gryphons and Merfolk. The Sea Hag Tomales, their third sex that acts as the mother of their young, were mostly destroyed in this attack. The Sea Hags surrendered to the Unicorns and Merfolk shortly afterwards and vowed to leave Unicorn lands and travel beyond the Boiling Sea to the west.

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