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The Skathen have become a recent threat to the Unicorn faction. That is not to say all Skathen, but two particular clans; the Copper Spiral Skathen and the Iron Fang Skathen.

Recent years have had many Skathen attacks on the Unicorn encampments at various events. The Skathen have used everything from Warp Fire throwers to Dark Trade in their attempts to destroy the Unicorns. Members of the faction have been kidnapped and taken over and the Skathen's close ties with the Hive have meant that many Hive attacks have badly crippled the Unicorns.

The Copper Spiral Clan have disliked the Unicorns for a long time. They are the traders of the Skathen, but have recently turned to Dark Trade as a means of making more money and power. The Unicorns stance against Dark Trade has made them enemies and recent acts have escalated the conflict between them. Most recently the Copper Spiral managed to kidnap Lord Greystoke, High Captain of the 1st Fleet, and had his mind controlled by the Hive. Though he was recaptured from the Skathen, the continuing violence has kept the two sides enemies.

When Dragon and Viper ships invaded North Isle they dropped several Skathen off on the shores. Not wishing to invade themselves, the Skathen "conquered" the land and immediately handed it over to the Vipers. These Skathen were the Iron Fang Clan, one of the strongest and toughest of the Skathen clans.

The Iron Fang are one of the most heavily armed and armoured of the Skathen clans. More of a warrior culture than the rest of the Skathen, they employ heavily armoured warriors and are experienced in siege, offensive tunnel building and large scale battles. The Iron Fang are also one of the largest of the Skathen clans and regularly push other clans into their wishes.

Overall the Skathen may not be the strongest or most organised or enemies, but are one of the most numerous. Their ability to build complex tunnel networks quickly and breed at stupendous rates, means that if left encamped in a position for too long they will be difficult to ever remove.


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