The Tainted
One of the elder Tainted on the Island of Far Reach
Two Feral Tainted attacking the Unicorn Camp

ailing from the Island of Son Lista, the Tainted were once Silver Elves like the rest of the Island's inhabitants. Somehow, a were creature managed to make its way to the island and bit a Silver Elf. Because of the Silver in the elves' blood, the elf that became infected with lycanthropy was driven insane from the constant pain within. Soon another Silver elf was infected, was driven mad and the curse of the Tainted began.

he Silver Elves of Son Lista fought with the Tainted for approximatly four hundred years before being forced to quit the island, coming to the Unicorns for aid and protection. The Unicorn Navies surrounded the island, making sure that nothing could come or go.

t the Caledonian Moot of 1103, the Unicorn camp was attacked by a single Tainted, wounding many of the warriors that fought with it. It brought with it a simple message; "We are coming." Since then, there have been numerous attacks on Mauritanja, including the island of Far Reach at the Winter Parlaiment and Lundi at the Gathering of Nations. Attacking in small packs, a small group of Tainted can use their claws and teeth to rip through a unit of soldiers five or six times their size.

he howl of a Tainted can bring on panic and fear to all that hear it, while their claws and teeth tear through armour and protections alike, occasionally infecting the unfortunate victim with the Tainted disease or killing them outright. It is said that some Tainted have the ability to appear as Silver Elves and none would know the difference until they struck. Tainted have been known to maul victims that fall to the floor and refuse to release their grip until they are killed. An effective tacit is to either repel or freeze them, holding them at bay until they are weak.

More will follow when it is discovered.

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