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The Trakalites are an ancient enemy of the Ghostwalkers. Coming from another world, they have managed to follow the Ghostwalkers to Mauritanja and are now pursing their cause against them in the Unicorn faction. The Trakalites are human in all ways, and their only distinguishing feature is the mark of a fox on the back of their neck.

The Trakalites are excellent warriors, trained from a very young age in all manner of combat and armour use. Able to wield weapons with power and precision, they are intelligent and tactically aware, making them a dangerous enemy to hve. As well as being trained in weapons and armour they are also talented trackers and scouts, able to hide their camps from being found and protect them when attacked.

The Trakalite priests however are the driving force behind their strength. Dedicated to their Ancestor, Tor Belthane, they believe fanatically in his power and are rewarded with much power of their own in return. Trained as warriors as well as incantors and willing to die for their land and ancestor they are dangerous foes. The Trakalite Warriors are deeply mirred in the depths of their religion and so the priests become their guiding light.

Since the Trakalites came to Mauritanja they have joined up with the Republican movement in an effort to dislodge the Ghostwalkers. Training the peasant Republicans to become warriors and assassins, they had seemed to have taken a stranglehold on those Unicorns that had joined the Republicans and abused them for their own ends. Since the destruction of the Republican leader, Benedict, and the fracture of his cause their whereabouts and future plans are unknown.

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