The Ministry of War

Field Marshall
General 1st Army
General 2nd Army
Colonel 3rd Army
Colonel 4th Army
Flight Commander
The Ministry of War comes under the control of the Prince Warhost as part of the Ministry of the Exterior. Its responsibility is to co-ordinate all Unicorn armed forces and troops. This includes organization of forces during the Gathering battle and the Faction Champion.
  • The Field Marshall has overall command of the Faction Military strength, with the High Admiral controlling the factions fleets but reporting into the Minister of War.
  • The General 1st Army and Admiral 2nd Fleet act for the Field Marshall or High Admiral in their absence.
  • Each officer listed may have several officers beneath them, but they are currently considered outside the primary rank structure.
The precise make up of the Unicorn forces is privileged information and only available to the appropriate persons.

High Admiral
Admiral 2nd Fleet
Admiral 3rd Fleet
Admiral 4th Fleet
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Three Diplomats
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is part of the Ministry of the Exterior, as run by the Prince Warhost. It is responsible for all official contact outside of the faction, to both Guilds and other Factions.
  • The Minister of Foreign Affairs sits on the Privy Council and repots all information necessary to the Imperial Family
  • The Ambassadors are responsible for the Diplomats within the faction and acting as first point of contacts if the Minister is not available.
  • The Diplomats act as assistants to the Ambassadors, undertaking tasks as required.
The ministry is also responsible for organizing meetings between the commanders of the factions and sorting out any disputes that occur.

Two Ambassadors

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