'I, Vert, in my position of Chief Justice,do hereby formally announce that the following document has been agreed by the Empress to represent the laws of the Unicorn nation.'
- Vert, Chief Justice of Mauritanja, Forth Month, 1103

The Empress has decreed that there are to be six Royal laws by which Mauritanja is to be governed. These laws are: -

  1. The Royal Family's decision is final on all matters.
  2. All sentient beings pledging loyalty to the Royal Family and showing true allegiance to Mauritanja shall be accepted as part of the Mauritanjan Nation
  3. Accusation of any crime will only be accepted under the condition that the accuser is of a higher rank than the accused.
  4. The Empress shall decide the successor to the Nation, to uphold the memory of Queen Adelena's last wish.
  5. The right to a home is the right of all Mauritanjans, providing they recognize the land belongs to the Unicorns and they give recognition to Cadras Cornus for this.
  6. The Justice Ministry shall deal with all crimes and punishments for those crimes will be administered according to the Ministry edicts.

Further to these Royal laws it is incumbent upon the Empress through the Justice Ministry and the Chief Justice, to provide a set of common laws to which the Mauritanjan people and government will use to govern their daily lives. A statement of intent: Justice in all things, the spirit of the law is above the word of the law, and compassion where possible. These statements is the code to which all involved with the Justice Ministry must adhere to, and pledge their lives to uphold. Below are the Common Laws, which are the standard rules of conduct for all beings that reside in, or are visiting Mauritanja.

  1. No being is to take the life of another being. Exceptions to this are the Royal Family, Mauritanjan Nobles, the Justice Ministry, approved lawful execution, or beings proven to be defending themselves from attack or harm where no other option was available.
  2. No being is to attack or harm another being. Exemption to this is Royal intervention, or when acting to enforce the law, beings proven to be defending themselves from attack or harm and beings engaging in lawfully approved dueling.
  3. No being is to steal from any other being or commit acts of fraud, arson, abduction or vandalism.
  4. No being is to cast magic or use innate abilities on another being without their permission. This permission may be retroactive as long as no outside coercion is in effect. Exemption to this is by Royal intervention, when acting to enforce the law or for beings defending themselves from attack or harm.
  5. A being is responsible for anything non-sentient that it brings into Mauritanja.
  6. No being is to obstruct, impersonate or attempt to bribe members of the Royal Family, Mauritanjan nobility or members of the Justice Ministry, under pain of death.
  7. No being is to attempt to or take the Royal Family, Mauritanjan nobility or members of the Justice Ministry, under pain of death.
  8. Failure to complete initial punishment will result in increased punishment.
  9. Repeated offences will result in increased punishment.
  10. Ignorance of the law is no defense.
  11. Mauritanjans of low rank may approach the Justice Ministry to investigate suspected crimes by Mauritanjans of a higher rank.
  12. All members of the Justice Ministry are to uphold the law and defend the Royal Family, Mauritanjan nobility and the law from outside influence.

These common laws, if broken, will be tried and punished by a single judge, but the defendant may appeal the decision to the Empress or the Chief Justice to allow retrial, which would be presided over by a Privy Council member, or the Chief Justice and two other appointed judges. The only exception of this will be in the cases of Common Laws 1 or 7 being broken, which will always result in a trial by three judges.
If found guilty, the type of punishment will be chosen by the Judges from the various punishments listed below. The judges will set the level of the punishment, but may allow the guilty party to choose his own punishment from a list that they provide. A trial will not be required if the defendant admits to the crime as long as he does this of his own free will, and under no coercion. Written confessions will not be allowed.

The punishments are: -

  1. Execution / Destruction
  2. Imprisonment
  3. Exile
  4. Bonded / Community Service
  5. Fines
  6. Damages
  7. Branding
  8. Edict

The Justice Ministry comprises of the following people: -

  • The Chief Justice
  • The Chief of Police and Militia Liaison
  • The Mauritanjan Judges
  • The Mauritanjan Police Department.

The Empress has also decreed that all who uphold the law in her name must swear the following oath: -

"I do solemnly swear to obey and serve the Leader of the Unicorn Faction in all things and act with justice, following the spirit of the law above the word of the law, and where possible, acting with compassion, and to defend the Leader, People and the Land of Mauritanja with my life"

No being may hold a position in the Justice Ministry without taking this oath.
Breaking the oath is punishable by death.

The following two laws were put in by Meldir Cire during his two hours of ruling the Faction by the Empress' command.

  1. No hitting Meldir.
  2. No zapping Meldir.

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