Group Description The Freelance Tat are sailors of a small group of ships with common interests.
Base of operations The Waters of Mauritanja (no land base).
Group Leader's name There is no real leader although Roby Blakeney likes to think it’s him. Please contact Kelsi – it’s safer!
Group Leysite None as yet.
Contact us at Kelsi Tempest
Other information: The group came to the Unicorns in 1101 AF looking for a new home after Kelsi’s ship had been destroyed by a violent storm and Roby was leaving his homeland for reasons best known to himself. Kelsi then worked for High Admiral Tarvan, before being given the Third Fleet which she now commands.

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This is the home of the Unicorns Faction from the Lorien Trust Gathering system. This is a live roleplaying group and for further details on Live Role-playing and the Lorien Trust please check out the Lorien Trust website.