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Location - Boar Island
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Watchers of Mauritanja
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Temple of Shadows

Tribe of the Rainbow Boar


Before we arrived at Blood Isle we were warned that we had to look like normal Mauritanjans, and warned to leave large weapons outside the town. Before entering the town we were asked to pick an Orc as a target when the battle to take the two started. We were checked for weapons before entering the town, but not very well as many weapons were smuggled in. We were promised safety then told it was against the law to carry weapons or cast magic. Anyone caught doing either of these were violently arrested and imprisoned by the Orc militia. A limited number of permits were issued for a price, the permits allowed the carrying of weapons or the casting of magic.

The smuggled weapons were hid around the tavern, in readiness for the forthcoming battle. Vadek Cain found a wanted poster with his picture on it and angrily entered the Militia house. At approximately 10pm Monotone dragged a captured Unicorn into a room with a ward on the door stopping entry by any one, and he murdered the Unicorn. He came out holding its bloody head in one hand. The weapons were produced and a battle to take the town started. A few of the Orcs asked for sanctuary and protection from Monotone, telling of how they were forced to serve Monotone.

After the battle two creatures appeared in the tavern, they said they were called Anthrax and Ebola. They were blood people created by Monotone and they were guardians of the dungeons. They present a number of puzzles and said if we solved the puzzles they would be freed and would give us a gift to help kill Monotone. In one room of the dungeon was a man covered in blood and scars, he was screaming, the creatures claimed this was Malachi, and that Monotone had speeded up his growing process.

There were seven puzzles, all were solved and we were given the object. It was a horn, one of eight, we needed to get seven to trap Monotone because one of them was a fake. The riddles were of a mental nature. During the evening we were visited repeatedly by a spitting hunchback. He kept giving helpful hints as to what we should be doing. By the end of the evening we had two horns in our possession.

There was a large attack in the morning, including ghouls, vampires and other monstrosities, also included were some of Monotone's Acolytes and what were believed to be Vipers. The battle was a long one and Lord Tallarn of Far Reach was there with some of his undead. Lord Tallarn was captured and turned into a Lich. A very disturbing creature appeared, it was very violent leaving destruction in its path. The creature was what was left of the Unicorn that was murdered.

After a long fight the weary were resting in the tavern when something that looked like the Unicorn Monolith entered the tavern. It started bumping into things, walls, table, benches and people. This was accompanied by a hive attack.

As if things weren't bad enough, Valdrazar turned up in the afternoon proclaiming peace and asking for Queen Adelena. He said he wanted to have his sister back so he could hold her in his arms. When he didn't get as he wanted he started behaving in his normal way, calling us ants. He said if he wished he could rip his sister from Queen Adelena's body. He then called out and a lot of Shadowkin attacked. The attack was sudden and violent but the attackers were fought off.

For the rest of the day creatures kept coming out of the dungeon causing disease. There were fights into the night, a notable one between Errtu and the disembodied Unicorn. By the end of the day we were in possession of seven horns, one of which was known to be fake. The last of the horns acquired was one that was in Monotone's belt. Lord Kittaru of the Tengu had got it. There was still one horn and the lid to the pit left to find.

The time to fight Monotone had arrived. We were informed by Vadek that the armies were pushing into the land and that it should be easy to get to the blood pit. We were told that the previous evening a group of berserkers helped us by fighting Monotone's minions, as they were going forward a dark shadow appeared behind them. It was Tark'See who blessed them making them strong. The Berserkers killed everything in their path, killing 180 of Monotone's minions, for a loss of only 7 berserkers. The berserkers captured the disembodies Unicorn and put it to rest. Manthar then called on Tark'See and asked for a blessing to make us strong for the coming battle. The blessing came and the force of it sent Manthar flying to the floor.

After this the Hunchback declared himself to be a Unicorn and told us that the last horn was in the possession of the high priest, and that he would be wearing purple robes. He told us the priest was to be found near a building, the building containing the bloodpit, we were told we would find Monotone inside the building.

We left for the place the Hunchback had described and found the High Priest there with Acolytes. After a short battle they were dead and we were in possession of the last horn. The building containing the blood pit was built around what was once the ritual circle, the blood pit now had become the ritual circle.

The building was entered and Monotone was stood on a platform holding Malachi over the pit. He pointed at people asking if they would give their lives for the baby, everyone said yes without hesitation. Monotone then asked someone to prove that they would, promising to release Malachi if he gave his life. The Unicorn chosen climbed the stairs to the pit and jumped in the pit. Monotone then dropped Malachi into the pit. Vadek ran up the steps and pushed Monotone into the pit. Nadrac went up the steps and the lid was given to Vadek and Nadrak. They placed the lid over the pit opening and the horns were dropped through a hole in the lid sealing Monotone in forever.

Queen Adelena gave a rousing speech when we got back to the tavern. Our happiness at the victory over Monotone, who has been a thorn in the Unicorn's side for a long time, was marred by the death of Malachi. Manthar announced his forthcoming wedding to Lady Jo of the Gryphons. He then said he regrettably would be leaving the Unicorns, so he could no longer be regent. Vadek Cain has now taken the title of Prince and taken on the responsibilities that go with the title. Manthar will be missed by all.

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As written by Faction Scribe Carrella

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