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The Sinking of the Isles
This was first blamed on Queen Adelena as the faction command has issued warning to the Babd Catha on Forest Isle that they must vacate the Isles or risk them being sunk. It was seen by many that the sinking of all the other Isles was a terrible side effect to this decision. Assurances were given from Queen Adelena that no such decision to sink the isles had been made by herself and that she had definitely not tried to perform this act. Questions were asked if the Shadow Queen Vikaria still had the ability to sink the Islands and Queen Adelena was able to confidently announce that this ability was held by herself and herself alone.

Reasons for the sinking of the Isles have been investigated and there is still no firm answer but after a visit to the new Lions "lands" by the coincidence the Lions had discovered 12 new islands and with their own that made thirteen (13 lost, 13 found!!!!) Scholars are currently debating and investigating this phenomenon.

The Defenses
The Mists and Tides of Mauritanja have defended our Isles for as long as the Unicorn faction have resided upon them. It has now been confirmed by Queen Adelena that these defenses have been lost for at least the near future. The Mists were a gift, from Cadrus Cornus and the Unicorns that resided on Mauritanja, to the Shadowkin who then gave the gift to the Unicorn faction and specifically Queen Adelena.

When the defenses went down Queen Adelena put her entire existence at risk by physically trying to maintain them herself. As a result she was close to exhaustion and the faction decided to free her of this responsibility. The ritual was performed, it went well and Queen Adelena was saved. This unfortunately also meant that the only defenses that the Isles had against a massive tidal swell heading towards us from the east had gone too.

At this point the Shadowkin Queen Vikaria and her brother Valdrazar arrived at the parliament and explained that the defenses must be used to stop the tidal wave from devastating the islands further. They proposed a ritual where they regained the power of the defenses and they would use them to defend the islands. This was accepted by the faction and so another ritual was performed. The de fences were invoked and the faction breathed a sigh of relief.

Unfortunately Prince Valdrazar did not think that this was acceptable and demanded that the Governorship of the Isles of Mauritanja return to the Shadowkin race, as the incompetence of the Unicorn faction had nearly destroyed them all. Queen Vikaria commanded Valdrazar's silence and obedience but Valdrazar and his ritual team defied her. Vikaria, some of the loyal Shadowkin and the Unicorn faction rallied and defeated Valdrazar, who escaped by teleporting to the Shadowrealms.

This was not the end, Valdrazar returned with a small force later that afternoon and captured Vikaria by binding her to the Shadowrealm. Valdrazar proclaimed that the Shadowkin are the rightful owners and governors of Mauritanja and that they will be back. A heroic speech that left a bitter taste in the mouths of all present.

Fortunately before Valdrazar returned the De fences of the Isles were used one last time to defend Mauritanja from extinction. The tidal swell hit the de fences destroying them and large earthquake ensued. The Colossus of Mauritanja, "Amethyst" was lost below the seas and many Cities of Mauritanja reported damage. This was a small price to pay for the protection of so many.

The Sea Hags and Aquatanja
It was discovered that the Sea Hags had obtained a Tankard that could give a person a bubble of protection against water or poisonous gases. The Sea Hags intended to use this to protect themselves as they performed a ritual in the Underwater Ritual Circle. A strong party of Unicorns went and retrieved the Tankard before the Hags could use it. The Sea Hags responded with a major offensive to retrieve the cup. They attacked the Ships that had limped in the New Alozar harbour which drew the Faction (and its allies) out into the open. The Hags managed to take control of the Ritual Circle and capture the faction mascot, Mogg (again), and Lord High Mage Ailwen. The Hags used the potential death of these two to negotiate the retrieval of the Tankard. Once they got the Tankard they retreated to the Bay and escaped with the Horn Blade, Gavelle Chain of Office and the Tankard.

The Merfolk immediately deployed to barricade the bay and retrieve these items but nothing has been seen since. The Merfolk believe the Hags may have escaped by land.

The Underwater ritual circle
Whilst the faction had the tankard a small party unsuccessfully tried to investigate the underwater ritual circle (The Tempest Circle). After an immediate attack which left Lord Nadrak immobilised the party decided to return. This however was not a wasted journey. It became obvious that a possible reason for the unwanted effects could be blamed on an abundance of Alchemical waste that was being dumped through this circle. This gave rise to the possibility for the creation of a cure for the unfortunate aquatic folk that have been effected by it.

The Mourning of Tar K'see
As is tradition Prince Manthar hosted a remembrance ceremony in the name of the Ancestor Tar K'see where many gathered to remember their recent lost. An unexpected guest made his presence felt during a recital to "Lolth" on behalf of Malice. The spirit of Briar, a recently deceased Lord and High Incantor of the faction, summoned Manthar to him and blessed Manthar with all aspects of Tar K'see. More importantly it reminded all present of the troubles on Boar Isle. Much was done to lay Briar to rest but it seemed to have little effect.

Briar left the Mourning and a heated debate on the use of the magic that had left Briar in limbo ensued. Manthar proclaimed that the use of magic must be more controlled and that Rockholme would become a trial zone for the licensed use of magic only. Queen Adelena renounced the proclamation and commanded the calming of the situation. This arrived too late for Princess Akasha as the heat of the moment sent her into premature labour. Akasha was whisked away and assisted in the fortunate birth of two beautiful babies. Later that day the argument between Akasha and Manthar was ended when Akasha named her children Malaki after an old member of the Ghostwalkers and Josephine after Manthar's recently deceased wife.

The naming of a mountain
During the battle with the Sea Hags the faction lost a long serving member called Esoume. His last requests were that he be buried upon the mountain that overlook all of Gavelle. The Tengu took his body and laid it to rest on a mountain now known as Esoume's Peak. May the Ancestor Tar K'see protect and guise him on his journey and may Ulri K'Kaka enlighten his way with pleasure.

Military Change
Saturday night of the muster saw the announcement that was expected by the faction. Captain Shiva, High Admiral of the Unicorn Fleets (and bane of many a cabin boy!!!) asked to be relieved of service from the faction so that she may pursue her now life with Lord Ivan Shoshoni of the Lions Faction. The faction command accepted her request and sent her with the good will of the faction and a gift of a statue that always points to Mauritanja, where she would forever be welcome.

Her replacement was recommended and the recommendation upheld by the Military Council and Faction Command to the effect that Captain Tarvan will become the new High Admiral of the Fleets with Lord Greystoke taking the reins as High Captain of the first Unicorn Fleet.

Finally on military matters, the faction lost another long serving and loyal member. Having worked through the military ranks of the faction it was easy for the faction to appoint him when somebody was required to act as Lord Field Marshall of the Armies. His ability at co-ordinating small groups into (and out of) difficult situations was renown and his battlefield leadership in all his ranking years was proof of his ability and skill.

His loyalty was such that he was given command of the 2nd Unicorn Army in Rockholme, and, all the affairs of the Rockholme Revellers that were building what is now a fantastic Unicorn City of free trade and enterprise. During the uncertain times with the Dragon faction of Cymrja he led sorties of Unicorn Peace Keepers into the mountains around Southern Caledonia assisting the Bears against the Formorii and other dangerous missions.

It was on a less dangerous mission of overseeing the work of renovating parts of the Rockholme Citadel that tragedy struck. Out of nowhere and without warning the area he was overseeing was brutally attacked. With little more than his dress sword he tried to defend the innocent of Rockholme and died doing so. His name shall be remembered and honoured in the city and by the Unicorn Nation. May the ancestors assist us in avenging his death and the other 47 unfortunates that day. He was...

Angus Du'Pont
Lord Field General of the Unicorn Armies



As written by Faction Scribe Carella

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