Hosted by - Unicorns
Location - Talcontar, Mauritanja
Factions Attending
PROBLEM WITH THE VIPERS - 3 ships landed on North Isle and a battleship was sitting 30 miles off of the coast. The ships landed 3000 Skathen before withdrawing. The battleship was still there.

THE DEATH OF GRIVES - Master Air and Master Water came to tell us of the death of Master Earth. He went through the ritual circle to kill void creatures. After some time the Tome of Earth dragged his apprentice into the ritual circle closing it behind him. The Tome brought back Master Earth, he was covered in cuts and died shortly afterwards.

THE HIVE - The Hive appeared on Friday evening while we were trying to do a ritual. There were some Skathen with them. There is now a worry as to what the other factions have brought with them, the Hive of course being with the Vipers.

Also at the muster Shiva returned to the Unicorns, after the death of her husband Ivon Shoshoni of the Lions. Trouble ensued over Ivon's tabard which was in the possession of the Tengu. The situation was finally solved when the Tengu, under protest, returned the tabard to Shiva.

Just after the muster our Unicorn Ancestor, the High Incantor, appeared looking very different. He is now black and told us he had turned to the dark side of incantation and wanted a human sacrifice to the land.

Group Leaders meeting:
Present were:

  • The Will of Babd Catha - Rep was Einarr Hallsteinn
  • The Watchers of Mauritanja - rep was Jean Baptiste Toussaud
  • The Ghostwalkers - Rep was Vadek Cain
  • The Tengu
  • The House of Smite
  • The Ravens
  • The Pen-Cethryn
  • The Kith Rhae - Rep was Shulton
  • The Magpy Korpse - Owl-Kol-Hol
  • Item brought up by Owl-Kol-Hol of the Magpy Korpse:
    Fumberlina is at great risk, there are threats against her and other healers from the I.I's. They wear orange tabards, Owl-Kol-Hol wishes to know if any are seen as he wants to talk to them.
  • Item brought up by Einarr Hallstein of the Will of Babd Catha:
    The Will of Babd Catha want the help of the underwater fleet to help rescue the body's of their ancestors, since their island sank the sea devils have been ravaging the bodies. An ancestor visited Einarr Hallsteinn in a dream to tell him this must end.
  • Item brought up by Jean Baptiste Toussaud of the Watchers of Mauritanja:
    The Watchers are worried about the failed ritual and the problems stemming from this.
  • Item brought up by Vadek Cain of the Ghostwalkers:
    Vadek mentioned that martial law was in place as the Ritual of Peace was not up.
  • Lord Tallarn of Far Reach Isle was mentioned. Far Reach was covered by the mists until recently, Lord Tallarn is a Necromancer who, having learned of our laws against Necromancy, came wishing to argue his case.
  • Skin Claw Skathen have been seen going to different factions asking for help to attack the town on Sunday.
A ritual was performed at 11:30am to restore the Ritual of Peace by getting the Obelisk back. The ritual worked and once the Obelisk was in place the muster began. We covered the items from the group leaders meeting before we could go any further the muster was broken off with an attack by the Hive. The first person to be Hived was Queen Adelena, after which many of the Unicorns were hived and much healing was used during a very long attack.

During the afternoon and envoy from the Harts came to warn us about the sea creatures attacking people in the Marketplace. They are scaly orange and green (some reports say other colours). The Lions added that these creatures are fierce and eat the people they injure. They attack on mass but if they capture one person they break off the attack.

Sadly during an attack by Orcs, Akasha's son was taken from her after she been mage bolted to the head. Thankfully her daughter was not with her at the time and as soon as Akasha could she took her to be with her father. Her close fried Shiva went with her. The attack was by one of Monotone's minions and he was taken back to Blood Isle (formerly Boar Isle).

At the Privy Council meeting held immediately after the abduction the abduction was discussed at great length and it was decided to take up an offer from Monotone to go to Blood Isle and take it back as Boar Isle. It was also revealed to Akasha's great distress that the prince was to become Monotone's new body.

Gustav of the Vipers has signed the Gathering Treaty and has agreed to remove the Hive node, so the eviction notice served earlier in the day was cancelled. In return we agreed to help at the ritual to control Mar.

Jeremiah Carmichael came and asked us to tell people not to try and kill him, the thing he goes around with is so the leader's of the Scouts Guild are not killed. He can be recognised by his smart appearance and the top hat he usually wears.

Rowan spoke about the trouble the Tarantulas were having with clones. A high ranking Tarantula walked in and declared war on us, the Tarantula in question had been kidnapped earlier and the one that entered the camp was a clone.

Nadrak wanted to talk about a stolen item. The item went missing during the battle with the Hive. He wanted whoever had taken it to return it and made it clear that stealing from other Unicorns (or their guests) was not on.

The interrogation of a Sea Hag Priestess revealed the problems the Sea Hags are having. They are having problems with Sea Devils, called the Cu-Hurigan, that they awakened using the Tankard stolen at Get Stuffed IV. The Sea Devils have turned on the Sea Hags, who we regained the stolen Horn Blade and the Gavelle Chain of Office.

There are to be two weddings, one between Shiva(Ex-admiral) and Vadek and the other between Shiva (Ghostwalkers) and Master Sly.

Shiva of the Ghostwalkers needed to know where the different groups are on the map.

The Meeting broke up when we had an invasion by the Shadowkin. The now King of the Shadowkin acted to us in the same was as before, he addressed Queen Adelena as 'Sister'. After awhile it became apparent that Queen Adelena was in fact inhabited by the King's sister. This worried her very much.

At the ritual to control Marr, Gustav, leader of the Vipers, died. This left his promises unfulfilled. A Viper did come to camp and invite anyone that wished to go and view the body at 10pm. He also told us the Hive node was disconnected.

During the day we were petitioned by 3 groups. Lord Tallarn and some unliving asked for the unliving licences to be renewed. It was explained that these were no longer given out, but that we would let him know any decision made. The Silvern Elves asked for land in exchange for helping prevent the Cataclysm. They said they wrote the tomes of magic and that they were the only ones that could stop the trouble we are now heading for. Some other Elves told us of the Silvern Elves plans for world domination. They also asked for land in return for any help they can give.

THE HEALERS GUILD - The Healers Guild want more healers to combat the I.I. Ancestors who are trying to take over magic. Once they capture a healer they forcibly disconnect them from the source of healing connecting them to the Plane of Life. After this it is possible to reconnect the healer to the Plane of Life but the healer loses their power for some time.

OBELISK - 20 healing or incantation cards were needed to power up the Obelisk, one card per person only.

CALEBII - We have a number of Calebii on our lands, they were attacked by Viper ships. Many were killed or wounded and ships sank or damaged. Aid has been sent to them, they have said they will help kill the Skathen as soon as they are able.

CALEBII AND THE LIONS - There seem to be many problems between the two nations. We do not wish to lose either ally, and are doing what we can to avoid conflict. We have put off signing a treaty with the Calebii until things have cooled down.

LORD TALLARN - It has been decided that as long as Lord Tallarn and the unliving do not leave their island we will make them a protectorate.


  • There has been a mobilisation of troops against the Skathen.
  • The Sea Hags are massing near Gavelle.
The Queen is worried about sharing her body with Vikaria, Queen of the Shadowkin. She was anxious to know how the faction felt.

During the muster 2 people remembered dreams they had had. These were vivid dreams about what Monotone was doing to the prince. The nightmares were removed by Shulton of the Kith Rhae. There is a possibility of many more nightmares on Faction members.

At the end of the muster two slavers were brought in for trial, they were found guilty and death matted.

After the muster Kinich was made 'acting' High Incantor.

As written by Faction Scribe Carrella


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