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Location - (Lantia?)
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I was introduced to sea creatures called the Frithen, so I could see the Command Group about them. The Frithen are native to the area we were staying. The faces of the Frithen are grey in the middle with green striped down both sides they have gills. I was told that there are many different tribes, the two they know were the ones with white sashes and the ones with black sashes.

The ones with white sashes are known to be peaceful and they have learned a few words of our language. The ones with black sashes are disliked by the ones with white sashes but it is not known why. Their 'language' is a group of clicks. The Frithen I met had black sashes, they seemed peaceful creatures very interested in what I was doing, in particular they found my writing interesting and looked at my book a few times.

Scathen raiding parties we were warned were out to kill Unicorns. We later found out that these were of the Skin Claw clan, these are assassins and a group had been hired to kill us. We were told to be careful.

The Queen of the Bears has promoted someone to the post of 'Laird of Rockholme'. the person in question was heard say this would upset the Unicorns. This title is an old title for the Lord of Rockholme.

Also the Skathen that landed on North Isle last week have taken areas of the North Coast and given it to the Vipers who say that because they have signed the Gathering Treaty the land belongs to them.

The Lion/Calebii problem continues over an island the Calebii have governed/owned for a hundred years. The Lions want them to leave the island. The Gryphons have signed the treaty with the Calebii.

A ritual performed to remove the brand on Queen Adelena's forehead was successful. However at some time during the ritual Manthar disappeared and when he was found he didn't have the Hornblade.

After Manthar had been found, the command group and many of the Privy council went to the Dragon's camp. Here Gustav the Lich was seen. After they have been there for a while they were informed that there was no ritual of peace on the camp. When help was offered to power it up they claimed it was against their religion.

At the Dragons there was much talking about the Gathering treaty. The Dragons claimed they wouldn't sign it because of an incident some years earlier when many of the Dragons were slain. The complaint was that not all the Factions stood with them against their foes so they didn't see why they should stand beside them. There were talks of getting them to lift a trade embargo so we could start trading with them again. The Unicorns and the Dragons parted on good terms. The Delegation then left for the Gryphons camp.

Ex-Admiral Shiva found out about two hits being taken out on her by the Lions and wanted to declare personal war on them. She agreed to wait and see if a different solution could be found.

We heard that the Skathen were transported by Dragon ships, and not by the Vipers. We know there were Vipers ships there, so it could mean that there are even more Skathen than we thought, or that the Vipers used Dragon Ships or vice versa. It was pointed out that which ever way the Battle Barge is definitely Vipers.

The idea of an Honour Dual was suggested by Rowan, this would be two Unicorns fighting two Vipers to solve the problems between us.

The idea of thanking the Tarantulas for the help they gave us was talked about.

The Lions have said they are worried about being attacked by the Calebii. They also believe they will not receive help if this happens.

While the privy meeting was being held a Calebii Delegation arrived at the Lions camp. The meeting broke up and we waited outside in case we were needed. Strong words were said by both sides and things got critical when a Caleb tipped the ashes of the Lions Generals onto the ground and rubbed them in. The Caleb tried to leave and were attacked, Manthar shouted to the Lions to let the Caleb out. Queen Sapphire came over and told Manthar to keep out of the situation. Manthar gave a rallying call and then told us to sheath our weapons and to go and surround the fallen Caleb while they were healed. We then stayed as a protective circle around them, going up to the Gryphon camp healing all we could on the way.

At the Gryphon camp we were eventually allowed to enter. Here we joined up with the rest of the Caleb who had run here for safety. We formed a protective circle, the head of the party came back to the Lions camp and talks here ensued with Queen Sapphire and an ambassador from the island in question.

Just after this we got a report of Copper Spiral Skathen at the guild tent. The Faction once again followed Manthar and went down to the guilds. Here a battle took place, firstly outside then spilling into the guild tent. Nadrak killed a Skathen tainted with Dark Trade.

Lady Gryphon was reported kidnapped not long after this.

The rest of the afternoon seemed to be taken up with war councils, in which the Lions made a large contribution. These were to counter the attack on Mauritanja by sea devils. At an emergency privy council meeting it was disclosed that Shiva was wanted by the Harts for trial. Shiva made herself available to the Militia so long as the charge was for assault and not for murder.

Nadrak spoke of his anger at being called a thief by Rowan Crabtree, Grand Master Alchemist. He had been accused of stealing from the fallen Skathen bodies at the fight earlier in the day. The Unicorns were accused of killing 7 Skathen by the Harts.

Some good news to end the day, Princess Akasha and Shulton have announced that they will be getting married at the Gathering.

Before the Privy Council meeting I showed a complaint from the Grand Master Alchemist to the Command Group and to Nadrak as the complain was about Nadrak. The complaint was

  • Nadrak had killed on Guild land,
  • Nadrak had stolen from the bodies,
  • Nadrak had tried to prevent her from healing the said Skathen,
  • Nadrak had tried to sell her stolen property that she had made a deal about earlier with the Skathen,
  • Nadrak had exceeded his Authority by pursuing Dark Trade on Guild land,
  • Nadrak had tried to taint the guild with something that had Dark Trade taint.
The command group found the whole thing ridiculous as did Nadrak. He obtained a document from Queen Sapphire giving him permission to pursue Dark Trade anywhere on Lion Land.

All but a few then went down to the Guilds to witness a meeting between the Calebii and the Ambassador from the Island the Lions are concerned about with, of course, Queen Sapphire in attendance. The Calebii have said they will leave the Island as long as they have trading rights with the island.

While this was taking place a group of Silvern Elves were going around asking people to let their healer examine them.

There was an attack on the island we were on, so first of all Manthar removed the privy council and the command group back to Mauritanja by transport circle. The General of the first army stayed behind in case there was any news about the war to bring back home. There was a prolonged attack by Frithen without sashes. It was a long attack but it was nice to see all the factions working together for a change.



As written by Faction Scribe Carrella

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