Rockholme Revisited
Heartland Games

First Moot

Second Moot

The Gathering
Mauritanjan Winter Parliament

1102 AF

The pressure from the other factions has eased with the Vipers removal from North Isle. Monotone's defeat has meant that Blood Isle has returned to being Boar Isle and a time of rebuilding over the Winter months has brought renewal into the spring of Mauritanja. With the mists gone, Mauritanja has struggled in its return to the Heartlands, but it now stands stronger than ever.

With Prince Manthar stepping down to marry his Gryphon bride, Vadek Cain has a large and well loved set of boots to step into. The Shadowkin continue to occupy Shadow Isle, but the Sea Hags and Cu-Hurigan have been quiet of late. The Bears make idle threats, for the time being, against Rockholme and the Vipers still eye us as a target for their expansion.



Unicorn Casualties in 1102:

Queen Adelena

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