Hosted by - Unicorns
Location - Siam, Cathay
Groups Attending
The Alashans
House Elpragh
The Hall of Champions
The Tengu
The Mercenary Allience
The Temple of Shadows

Purpose of Traveling to Nihon;
At the end of the Winter Parliament, a couple of people from Siam turned up and asked us for help, concerning some sort of problem with a beacon and some demons. I won't pretend to understand all the details, but the Unicorns agreed to help. Yototuma, the leader of the Siam sent our his thanks and explained the situation in more detail, and the plan was that all the Unicorns attending the journey were to meet in Capital City on the fifthday, before traveling to Siam together.

Day 1:
Que'tal Transport Circle, Que'tal, Mauritanja.
I was meant to be meeting Xoanon at the Que'tal transport circle, but he never showed up, so I eventually got bored of waiting and got Ivellios to drop me off in Capital City, before being given some sort of bracelet and being taken to Siam by on of Miss Rowan's friends
Siam Transport Circle, Nihon
Once I arrived, I ran from the transport circle towards the direction of the lights of the Unicorn camp. I eventually found Xoanon who had insisted that he had been at the circle earlier and that it was all my fault for being late! Anyway, they filled me in on what had been happening. Apparently, some scouts had left before the rest of the Unicorns and had run into some sort of trouble with some undead, but they were all okay and alive. Then, when all the other Unicorns and their guests got to the camp, a group of Samurai (a sort of Nihonese warrior) had turned up, and been abusive to both Unicorns and Yokotuma. I think Manthar also got into some trouble with them, but I didn't learn much about that.

Throughout the night, there were many attacks by groups of undead, but when we were not fighting, I spent a good portion of time behind the bar, serving. How I ended up with this job, I don't know, but it was quite fun. Got talking to a couple of people from the Temple of Shadows, which Xoanon then went on to recruit as bodyguards.

Xoanon and I then went on to speak to 'mpress 'kasha about my journey into Babylon that was to be taken place the following week. Xoanon apparently had been having trouble with several people in the Jackals, him being the senator of one of Grecia's provinces and all, and as I was going to Babylon anyway, he'd volunteered me to act in his place. This apparently put me in some kind of danger. Xoanon explained this to 'mpress 'kasha and miss 'meira, and I was told that the Empress of the Jackals Faction would be contacted, and that the situation would be resolved.

Feeling much happier with the result, I went and found some food, and it wasn't long before an elf came up, introduced herself and started asking about my clan colours. I thought that she was only after my chips, but shortly after she'd spoken to me, another guy beckoned me over to him and introduced himself as Master Sly of the Scouts Guild. We had a very... interesting conversation, and knowing absolutely nothing about the Scouts Guild, he explained some of the basics and asked me whether I would like to be trained. With that, I left to find out more about the guild from Urlin, Xoanon, 'mpress 'kasha and Vrith. I spoke to Master Sly again before I turned in for the night.

Day 2:
Got quite rudely awakened by the screaming of an imp that I was carrying in my bag, which didn't make me too popular with the others sleeping near me. I was buying drinks for these people for the rest of the weekend to apologize for this one. Anyway, I went down to the main camp, and walked straight into an attack by the Samurais that had been around last night. When one was dropped, I dragged it into the tent and kept an eye on him. He was soon healed and taken away for interrogation.

About twenty minutes later, we were all gathered and told well done by Grimbold for the way we'd been fighting, then screamed at by Vadek Cain, again, for the way we'd been fighting. We tried some battle training, including forming shield walls, attacking shield walls and other sorts of stuff. When this had all finished, I went inside. Some other people soon arrived and tried to sell a box with certain riddles on it to our High Trader. Whether he bought it or not, I don't know, because I went and sat outside in the sun to work on the documents that I had been handed the night before, from a messenger from Harry Mickelthwaite.

The Crimson Dawn, a group searching for something from the Tengu attacked us, and we had a bit of a scrap, but eventually beat them off again. A little while later, another group attacked. Everyone ran outside expecting to be bashing Crimson Dawn to find a large group of beastkin running towards them. The attack was really strange because the beastkin came in and out of the transport circle without needing to use any magic words, and when people took them down, the person to land a killing blow was somehow transformed into a beastkin. Apparently, they got better, but it was something to do with the Wyld Hunt, and as I was inside talking to someone at the time, I didn't find out much of what was happening.

When the beastkin were dealt with, a large group of Unicorns disappeared on a mission of some sort. I think it was to find one of the crystals to trap the oni in, but by the time I'd found out that they'd left, they were too far off to catch up with. I think they were only taking heavily armed people anyway.

A while later, after the group had returned, I went back into the bar and found a couple of people standing around a large box. When I asked what they were doing, they explained that the box had been brought back by the people on the mission earlier, and had had an oni crystal in it. The crystal had been taken out, but something was still in the box. We spent ages trying to work out how to get in to the box, and most people just gave up in the end. It was eventually a Bear called Bedo McYokel that opened the box. They found some money and a potion of endurance. :-) I still like the idea of just getting a big weapon and smashing it, but no-one else agreed.

At this point, another attack from the Beastkin occurred, only this time, I managed to find out a little more about them. They were sort of void entities, and the blow that turned people into the beastkin was not the blow that knocked them down, but the blow that killed them. Because of this, archers were employed to shoot them before they got too close.

I then sat down behind the bar again and spent a while serving while I got on with some work about the governing of Que'tal with Paxo giving me some advice. A couple of ideas were put across concerning the idea of a sort of super-group of traders, based in Que'tal. The idea was only a suggestion, but it would mean that a lot of work would need to be put into redeveloping Que'tal, and as Miss 'meira was listed on Evandar's lists as a shareholder in the region of Que'tal, we thought it best to speak with her. We found her near the entrance to the tent, with her husband, Master Sly. After speaking with Miss 'meira and inviting her to Que'tal to assess the situation personally, Master Sly asked me about Babylon and why I was so worried. In the end, after explaining again, he gave me his knife and told me that someone would ask to see it once I'd got to Babylon, and that it would keep me alive.

Feeling much, much happier, I went back to serve behind the bar again. Hai Low, - the Nihonese guy officially running the bar - kept having a go at me for doing things wrong, but I think by the end of the weekend, I got most of it worked out. There was then a bit of a problem when someone tried to dismiss Greystoke. Gurda had mentioned earlier that there was a problem with him being possessed and that he was bleeding fasted, but when they tried to dismiss him, he didn't want to be zapped by the incantors, so he ran. With the excitement over, I went back to the bar.

It started getting dark at around this time, and someone came around with fortune cookies. Most people had one, and then funny things started happening to them. Nothing serious I think, just like being knocked off their feet and suchlike. There was also something about a vampire, but I'm not so sure what all that was about, except that it involved some rice, and Grendal holding one of them under a sanctuary for quite a while.

Another attack by the oni's minions came soon after. After a couple of attempts at fighting, I went back inside. I only seemed to be getting in the way out there, so I went back to serving the thirsty as they came inside. Me and Pax had another go at the developments with Que'tal, and got talking to some guy called deWinter, who used to be our high admiral or something. When the fighting outside died down, Greystoke returned. I went and listened to the conversation, and apparently, the incantors had managed to dismiss the Ancestral Possession that had been inside him. The only problem was that it was his ancestor inside, and he had performed a ritual to get it put there. A lot of people were quite unhappy about having the ancestor ripped out, especially Manthar, but as Manthar was in the Wedge, I don't see why.

The Crimson Dawn attacked again, so I went back to serving in the bar. I got shouted at a lot more, by Hai Low, and by Yokotuma, who was Hai Low's boss apparently. After serving for a while, Xoanon called me over and introduced me to two new members of the Temple of Aegir. One was Qualt, and I didn't catch the name of the other one. However, this went on for a while, and then there was a bit of Meldir-baiting, where Xoanon and the others scared me with Xoanon's squid on a stick. It all got a bit out of hand, and Lady Rowan came over to find out what was going on, with Xoanon getting shouted at for attacking me. Still, no real harm done, and Xoanon went to sit and bard at some people, and I went to do a little more bar work before turning in for the night

Day 3:
The final morning of the journey to Nihon began slowly, with only Grendal, Denny, Ker Dior and a couple of StormPack being up and about. After a bit of messing around and a little combat practice, a large group of undead appeared and attacked us, but they were smashed up pretty quickly. By the time the fight was over, most of the Unicorns and our guests had woken up and joined the fighting.

A small muster was held, and we were told that we would need to find the final beacon, which happened to be in the possession of the samurai. Following this muster,I went to help Hai Lo stock the bar. I completely missed the Samurai turning up and being trounced by the Unicorns. They'd also brought the beacon with them, so we now had all three beacons and Yokotuma informed us that he had the people that would help him with the ritual.
Shortly after Yokotuma led his group off, another group of undead attacked us, though this time, there were many, many more of them. It was quite a long fight, and it took as a long time to get rid of them, mostly because our warriors kept getting sectioned off and cut down, and required pulling back to the command tent for healing.

Once the undead were defeated, Yokotuma and his group returned, informing us they were ready to carry out the ritual. Another mini-muster was held before we all went off to guard the circle in case anyone tried to either mess with the ritual or in case the ritual went wrong. I missed a lot of the ritual, but from what I was told later, Yokotuma betrayed us. I'm not sure of the ins and outs of it, but I think he attempted to use the circle's power to either bind or release the oni or the Father of All. The circle flared, and the contributors became undead. Something was released, and it was big, scary and kicking out one hell of a lot of mind magic. Something hit me from behind, and the next thing I know, I'm being healed again by Master Sly, and being told that the whatever-it-was had been destroyed. Yokotuma had been taken captive, but someone had seen him in the field hospital, and not realizing that he'd try to betray us, had healed him up and let him escape.

Anyway, I final muster was held, and 'mpress 'kasha addressed us all, giving the sort of 'Well Done' speeches that you get after these things. The group from the Wolves faction attended this muster, and left shortly after it had finished, leaving the Unicorns to return home in peace. Before we left, as a final point, Vadek Cain invited the Unicorns to the Island of Far Reach, for a sort of party a few weeks later. It should be quite fun from all accounts. Let's hope I get through Babylon to see it. :-)


As written by Meldir Cire of the Alashans

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