The history of the Unicorn faction if the history of Mauritanja, its lands. Mauritanja is a new nation, born after the cataclysm and populated by the traders, explorers and travellers of other lands. Where the islands currently lie was once little but water, a relatively shallow oceanic shelf that teemed with marine life of all kinds. The written history of the Unicorn faction and what we now know of Mauritanja only began after the Cataclysm.

The Cataclysm caused destruction throughout the Heartlands, but in Mauritanja it triggered a shift in the volcanic understirings that made the area such a warm home to so much marine life. These stirrings rose into huge volcanic eruptions which created rocky, bare islands devoid of any form of life. It also sunk and rearranged some of the islands that doted the area before the cataclysm. Many of these tiny islands have become part of the current Mauritanja and others disappeared completely.

It is thought that at this time a group of Elves arrived in the island on their floating island that is now known as Grynd. The Elves planted trees and grasses over the rocky islands and brought their great magic to bear to transform the barren islands into life supporting homes. They started to colonise the islands, but the Elves were not many and their influence did not spread far out of the channel between North and South Isle known as the Solent.

It was at this time that Cadrus Cornus gave the mists that defended Mauritanja for a long time to come over to the Elves. This was the first time that the Unicorn creatures (as opposed to the Faction) are mentioned in the Elven histories, but they are referred to as if they had been there for a time. The Elves tied the mists to a powerful source of magic and they became strong and permanent and cut Mauritanja off from the dangers of the Heartlands. The Unicorns retreated to a place beyond sight of prying eyes and magic and only appeared upon rare occasions.

The Elves then started to draw others back to their islands. They gathered humans and other races from all across the Heartlands to live on their lands and it soon became known that the dis-possessed and homeless were welcome to populate Mauritanja. Mauritanja was peaceful and prosperous and all people upon it lived in harmony.

The harmony was spoiled, however, by the building conflict between the elder and younger races. The Elves and Fey were opposed by the humans, orcs and other races. Tensions mounted until war erupted all across Erdreja. Knowing that they could not stay hidden behind their mists for all eternity, the Elves sought magical protection, and with the help of a human by the name of Bari.

With Bari's help they drew in the power of Dark Trade and used its power to create the Shadow Realms. Not knowing that Dark Trade would corrupt them the Elves began their move into the Shadow Realms and became the Shadowkin.

Angry with the younger races, and twisted by Dark Trade the Shadowkin became bitter against the younger races that populated Maurtianja. They threatened the surface dwellers with the sinking of the islands if they did not abide by the rules of the Shadowkin.

The people that now populated Mauritanja came together during this time. Already travellers and wanderers by nature, they grew into traders and from their home in the mists they became known as the greatest traders on Erdreja. They continue to gather together things of wealth and beauty, for themselves and for the Shadowkin, and formed the Unicorn nation, named after the ancient creatures that once held the land.

In the last few years, the Unicorns and Shadowkin have given over the defenses of Mauritanja to its people, in return for it becoming a Monarchy. Its people have grown from the small trading faction it was, into one of power and it has taken its rightful place as one of the major powers of the Heartlands and all Erdreja.

Now, with the death of the late Queen Adelena, with the destruction of the Shadowkin and the conquering of Shadow Isle, the Unicorns have declared themselves an Empire and continue to expand their influence around Erdreja.


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