Mauritanian Wonderland

Till bells ring, are you listenin’
In our hands, gold is glistenin’
A beautiful sight, we’re happy tonight
In a Mauritanian wonderland

Things to sell, find a buyer
Fiscal gains, our desire
When completing a trade beats getting laid
You’re in a Mauritanian wonderland

Travelling far and distant from our homeland
Earning coins to make the world go ‘round
Who knows, we may even visit your land
For our search for business has no bound

Revenue, we require
In this aim, we’ll not tire
When money is power, we charge by the hour
In a Mauritanian wonderland

At the Gathering, we’ll set up a loan man
Charge the highest interest rates in town
Fall behind on payments with our loan man
And we’ll send the heavy mob around

Profits climb, rising higher
Earn enough to retire
The gambles have paid and riches were made
In a Mauritanian wonderland

As written By Xoanon

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