Ode to Talabrina

Talabrina in your Purple Dress
Oh, Talabrina, Mighty Temptress,
High above me like a Queen
Bestialfied in Souless supreme
To hold the power that you possess
Talabrina in your black dress.
Your mystic hand up above me,
Calling forth the Darkest Army
In your eyes I see a fire
Woman obsessed with desire,
To drain deep any mans soul.

Beauty of all . Queen of everything
But like a Scorpion you carry a sting.
And anyone who betrays your Rune
Shall fall when you call upon Satuun.

Talabrina, Mighty witch Queen,
To see what you have seen.
A thousand plagues, a thousand souls,
And the Old ones rise, the ultimate goal.

My soul is yours to do with what you will,
A silver dagger, another calf to kill
An offering - my drow blood to spill
Oh Talabrina, Mighty temptress.....


As written By an annoymous user of the Leynexus

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