Tetsuo's Last Stand

The Carnival of Horrors Was becoming very profitable for the unicorns reclamation of Boar Isle, the Story begins in the middle of a battle, many will recall it especially those from my group, The Tengu. There were Orcs a plenty and a few other creatures in the battle, the battle had just begun and side by side fighting with true determination and skill were three warriors, Tsunami Lao governor of Little Nippon with two young Tengu on either side of him, Tetsuo Akimoto on his left with his polearm skills and lightning fast reactions and on Tsunami's right was Makoto Miyagi slightly younger and slightly smaller than tetsuo but deadly with his flailing swords, no opponents no matter how big could withstand this trio's deadly onslaught.
In front of Tetsuo was a huge orc with large curly hair quite out of proportion and strange as orc hair goes! Tetsuo hit the orcs sword straight out of its hands to the floor and in the same motion sent it sliding across the floor to the other end of the line! Tetsuo then took off the orcs' head in no time!

The three eventually were split up by the large onslaughts and increasing number of orcs. Suddenly a mass sleep came and all but a few were overpowered to need to sleep, luckily some unicorn reinforcements came to revive some of the peoples from their slumber but it was in vain for the orcs had already crushed and maimed nearly all that were on the floor, Tetsuo luckily was woken and managed to get up with a few other warriors to fight and try to rescue their friends and companions the warriors were backed against a wall by the orcs, Tetsuo could not escape and was beaten after defeating many enemies and was dragged back into the dark lair of the orcs through the large gates and dragged away into the darkness, Mara of the Tengu was dragged in a few moments later whilst healers came and began reviving the wounded and waking the sleeping.

I Sushi of the Tengu clan witnessed this I was hidden during the battle inside the orcs layer in a dark corner, I had arrived earlier in the day, there was no hope I even for all my skill of stealth could not have saved them, 0h why, so many orcs nothing I could do, nothing!!!

So that was it Tetsuo and Mara died together next to each other, just slumped in a corner.

I managed to escape by sticking to one side in the darkness but I manage to slit a few orc throats silently for vengeance! When I found Tsunami lao I told him what had happened and he ran in and retrieved Tetsuo's Enchanted Naginata, I received this and have treasured it since.

Tetsuo was my brother!

As written By Sushi of the Tengu

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