Bright the new dawn on the beckoning sea
Buoyed were their spirits, their hopes and their dreams
Bittersweet tears stung the cheeks of their kin
As they bid fond farewells from the shore

Strong was bold Sven as he hauled on the helm,
Sapphire the sea as they dipped their oak oars,
Soaring the seagulls and raucous their cries,
As they sailed, the North to explore.

Unicorn, ride the storm
Safely from harm
Unicorn, guide us on
Into the dawn

Dark grew the clouds as the sails caught the wind,
The dragon-prowed ship - she pitched and she rolled,
Dim were the waters, grown grey with the dusk,
The rain broke with thundersome roar.

Raging the ocean, the sail torn to shreds,
Rearing the prow, as she crested the waves,
Roused by the thunder, Sven stood on the deck,
"Gods! We your mercy implore!"


Abandoned by hope, and the latitude lost,
Aching their bones, and as day followed day,
Ardent hearts quailed and heroes grew weak,
In the hold, how depleted their store!

Ragged the reefs of a faraway land,
Rasping and ripping the ship’s wooden hull,
Roaring the breakers and rearing the rocks,
And shipwreck the sailors foresaw.


White was the unicorn, riding the waves,
Wailing the wind in the rigging,
Watching he stood, bold Sven at the tiller,
He cried, "Men! Despair nevermore!"

Tossing its watery mane in the wind,
Treading on hooves of pure gold,
Touching the boat with the tip of its muzzle,
The unicorn led them to shore.


Lush was the land that they found at the harbour,
Leaving was far from their minds,
Long did they stay, from the kind natives learning
Their language, and hearing their lore,

Till dreams filled the mind of a young hero sleeping,
And all doubts he steadfastly spurned:
Deep ocean, a unicorn leading him onward
To seek for his homeland of yore.


Moist are the eyes of the women who dream,
Men weep, his memory to tell:
Moored in the harbour, his dragon-prowed ship -
He set sail, and they saw him no more:

Misty the dawn on the soft, swelling sea,
Murmuring, they stood on the shore,
Mute was the wind as he rowed past the reef
With a unicorn riding before.

As written By Meg the Minstral

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