2x4 miles
Towns and Cities:
Ritual Circles:
None Known
(Transport Circle)
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This island was recently discovered just off of South Isle after the tidal wave from Holy Isle's landing caused the mists of Mauritanja to fail.

The fact that it was so close to the other isles of Maurtianja and hadn't been seen, plus the fact that it lacked any vegetation on the island when first seen, indicated that it had been sunken until recently. Upon inspection several things seemed to be remiss about the island; the vegetation was growing back at a prestigious rate and the water on the island was highly magical. The lake at the island's centre seems to be the source of the magic on the island, and this lake is slowly draining away into the sea.

Until recently guarding the island were powerful golems left behind by the previous inhabitants of the island. Information pertaining to these previous inhabitants was obtained and in 1102 AF a parliament held on the island uncovered many of the islands secrets. Queen Adelena was laid to rest on the island and the island renamed Adelena's Isle in her honour.

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