Size: 30x33 miles
Location: NE Mauritanja
Boar Isle
Rainbow Isles
Towns and Cities:
Bloodpit Citadel
Ritual Circles:
Circle of Hues
Major Exports:
Major Imports:

Boar Isle is covered from coast to coast with forest. This forest used to be rich, verdant and life sustaining, but since Monotone arrived on the Island in early 1100 AF he opened a blood pit which wrecked the Isle's ecology and destroyed many species natural to the Island.

The Isle was retaken in early October 1101 AF. The elite Unicorn forces slaughtered their way through over a thousand goblins, orcs and other strange creatures that had emerged from the blood pit. Their blades only faltering when they encountered a Giant that towered above the trees and crushed many valiant soldiers with each blow of its club. Monotone died in his underground citadel, sealed in his own blood pit and the Isle became Unicorn land once more.

The Isle is now slowly recovering from the damage inflicted by the blood pit. The forests are healing, but the land is still heavily tainted. The last of Monotone's Orcs have come across to the Unicorns and are rebuilding their homes. The Tribe of the Rainbow Boar, who lived on the Isle before Monotone's arrival, have started to return as well.


Tribe of the Rainbow Boar

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