Size: 15x20 miles
Towns and Cities:
Ritual Circles:
Major Exports:
Major Imports:

Once one of 4 islands, only this isle remains after Holy Isle touched down causing a massive Tidal wave. Forest Isle is covered in rich verdant forests, and is home to a wide variety of animal life. Its shores are well stocked with marine life, which may be linked to its current problem.

During the Moots of 1101 AF, Forest Isle was attacked by a race of Sea Demons now known to be the Cu-Hurigan. The Cu-Hurigan were apparently living underwater in the immediate area and had decided to attack Forest Isle, Grynd and the east coast of South Isle. The creatures were tough, but not very clever and mostly looked for the inhabitants of Forest Isle as food. Villages along its shores were attacked until the Cu-Hurigan were repulsed.

Forest Isle continues to flourish, even after the loss of the other four islands. Its inhabitants have recovered and reinforced their homes in case of attack again. The forests are still lush and rich and its placement on the eastern coast of South Isle makes it easy access to the rest of Erdreja.


The Will of
Babd Catha

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