Size: 35x34 miles
Towns and Cities:
New Alozar
Ritual Circles:
Soul Forge Circle
Major Exports:
Major Imports:
Fine Wines

Gavelle has long been held as an island of much wealth. Its hills in the North West are thought to be rich with gold, silver and iron and it holds one of the largest cities in Mauritanja, New Alozar.

Amongst the many inhabitants of Gavelle live many notable Unicorns. It is home to the Diplomatic Ministry of the Unicorn faction and so is often visited by other factions. The Soul Forge Ritual Circle upon Gavelle is one of the most heavily used, and is usually cared for by the High Mage of the faction.

Gavelle's forests are open and cool compared to the thick forests of South Isle and its hills are rolling and pleasant compared to those of the Alzheimer Mountains. Gavelle's only problem was the attacks on it by the Sea Hags. These attacks meant that the villages on its western shore had to be heavily protected to stop the Sea Hags from stealing weaponry and goods to use against the Unicorn people. However, these attacks have stopped since the Sea Hags have left for other climates.


Hall of Champions

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