Size: 38x30 miles
Towns and Cities:
None at present
Ritual Circles:
Soul Forge Circle
Major Exports:
Major Imports:
Fine wines

Grynd was the traditional home to the Shadowkin until their departure to the Shadow Realms. It was an island that moved each year, disappearing as the dusk came to arrive the following morning elsewhere. However, since Holy Isle's touch down and the loss of power to the mists it has become stuck in its current position.

The isle itself is highly fertile and can support a large population. A combination of grassland and forest with enough area to support a large city. It is the closest isle to the Heartlands and was a landing place for many other factions craft when the mists were in place.

A prize amongst the isles, it is a highly sought after piece of real estate, as many councils and parliments are held there when not held at Capital City.



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