Size: 27x36 miles
Towns and Cities:
None at present
Ritual Circles:
Firegate Circle
Major Exports:
Major Imports:

Illyria is a rocky island, home to a volcano that is still active. This makes it both a slightly desolate place to live and one with much natural beauty.

Its volcano is dotted with metal deposits, including iron and copper, and its warm shores mean that fishing in the area is very good. Hot springs are found around the island and its warm waters means that life on the island can be very relaxnig. The Firegate ritual circle is one of the most powerful in Mauritanja and was the site of rift to a Plane of Fire in Illyria's recent past.

However, the isle is rocky around the volcano and sparse in plant life elsewhere. The warmth of the volcano means that thick mists often spread around the island and this makes it especially hot during the summer. The Volcano itself has not exploded for many years, and is carefully watched by those who live nearby.


Smite's Company

Mauritanjan P.D.
The Angels of Illyria

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