Size: 132x95 miles
The Savannah
Alzheimer Mountains
Colossus' Step
East Coast
Towns and Cities:
New Eldorado
Ritual Circles:
Horizon Circle
Farsight Circle
Remind Me Circle
Tempest Circle
Major Exports:
Major Imports:

North Isle is the second largest island of the Mauritanja Archipelago, slightly smaller in area than its cousin South Isle. It is a sparse island, compared to its richly forested cousin, but not one without many important points.

The Alzheimer Mountains in its north form a rocky terrain, difficult to live in but rich with minerals, such as Copper, Silver and Iron. The ritual circle there is not heavily used, but was the site of a battle during the campaign on North Isle when it was freed from invading Skathen. Most of the Mountain range is unexplored, due to the strange confusion effect that affects any who enters the area.

Its East coast also saw battle during the North Isle invasion by the Vipers, but their legacy is the city of Freetown, that now sits at the end of the great bay. The coast itself was ravaged both by the Vipers and by the Blood seas that surrounded Boar isle during Monotone's reign on the island.

The South East corner survived well however, being protected by nearby Shipyard isle and on the mouth of the Solent, the saltwater river that runs between North Isle and South Isle. It also contains the Farsight Ritual Circle that was a staging post for the Unicorn armies at that point.

The southern coast of North Isle faces onto the Solent and has had the easiest time of most of the isle for many years. Well protected and sheltered it has held small villages along its banks for many hundreds of years. At the other end of the Solent lies the Colossus' Steps, where the great statue that defended Mauritanja now lies in ruins, bridging the gap between North Isle and South Isle.

Quetal on the West coast of North Isle is the greenest and most fertile area of the island. Held by the Kith Rhae it holds some of the finest vineyards of the Heartlands and its forests are home to many rare herbs and plants. The city of Tal lies at its heart, and is closely guarded by its inhabitants.

In the centre of North Isle lies an enigma; the Savannah. A vast area whose rolling grasslands seem to hide much. Large amounts of it are unexplored and with the recent difficulties look like an opportunity waiting to happen.


Kith Rhae
Alzheimer Militia
The Alashans

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