Size: 10x25 miles
Towns and Cities:
Ritual Circles:
Major Exports:
Major Imports:

This island was part of a series of 4 islands, until the landing of Holy Isle in Spring 1101 AF. Then it became a lone island, when the rest sank in the tidal wave that struck Mauritanja.

Since that time it has fallen into the hands of the Shadowkin, who have closed the island down and setup a mist of confusion around it, like the one that used to protect Mauritanja. Though individuals have attempted to gain access to the island, these attempts have generally been failures since the mists appeared as the ritual circle is no longer accessible and is being maintained by the Shadowkin. The Unicorn Navy continues to patrol the island, but no Shadowkin ships have been spotted either in the mists or leaving.

Before that time the island was thinly forested, but had many coves for docks and rich fishing stocks around it. Its main town of Mantle was well populated as the first landing point before the rest of the Shadow Isles, and the journey into the Boiling seas of the West.


The Temple of Shadows

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