Size: 30x25 miles
Towns and Cities:
Shipyard Town
Ritual Circles:
Storm Haven Circle
Major Exports:
Major Imports:

Shipyard Isle is the main ship building port for the Navies of Mauritanja. Heavily fortified and with imposing cliffs it also serves to defend the Solent, the channel between North Isle and South Isle.

There are two major Shipyards on the Island, which serve the 2nd and 4th Unicorn Fleets. Most of the rest of the island is given over to serving the needs of these two fleets and the sailors when they come into town. Defences on the Islands are strong and the native islanders are a hardy breed as much of the Easterly winds that hit Maurtianja strike the island directly.

There are large barracks for Marines on the island and the main administration centre for the Navy is held here. The walled enclosure which holds the Naval buildings lies on the outside of the main town on the Island, which is generally just referred to as Shipyard town as it is almost entirely filled given over to the Shipyards.



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