Size: 140x80 miles
Towns and Cities:
Capital City
Ritual Circles:
Eye of Mauritanja
Circle of Sacrifice
Circle of Fortitude
Tempest Circle
Major Exports:
Major Imports:

South Isle is the largest of the isles of Mauritanja. It is cousin to North Isle, but is more densely populated. Its area also is covered by a huge foerst for most parts of it and a long series of hills. It is almost divided in half by a long tidal river that runs from Kenco in the south west to Talcontar in the North East.

Its North western tip links to North isle via the colossus' steps. Here the mighty Colossus that once defended Mauritanja has fallen into the sea after the Holy Isle tidal wave. Capital City and the Eye of Mauritanja ritual circle sit nearby.

Its northern coast, along which the river Solent flows, is heavily wooded and much trade travels the route between Captial City and Bedlam in the south. At the North eastern end sits Talcontar, home of the Ghost Walkers, one of the largest groups in the Unicorns. Alongside Talcontar is the Circle of Fortitude, one of the more powerful Mauritanjan ritual cirlces.

The river that bisects South Isle runs south West from here, lined by forest on its north coast and hills on its south. The hills are rich in iron, though other ores are present, and the forests are thick with trees, ready to be cut.

On the southeast coast of South Isle lies the forests that surround Bedlam, the intellectual capital of Mauritanja. Bedlam holds the university and faction library and is the seat of learning and magic for all Unicorns.

Heading along South Isle's southern coast, the waters are warm and fishing villages line its coast. At least as far as the exit of the river that flows onto Gavelle's tip at the south west of South Isle.


Pen Cethren
Magpy Korpse
The Order

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