Size: 18x24 miles
None at present
Towns and Cities:
None at present
Ritual Circles:
Major Exports:
Major Imports:

Lying on the warm southern shores of Maurtianja, Sven Isle is a forgotten jewel in the isles of Mauritanja. It's coasts swarm with fish of all types and it often supplies fish to nearby Gavelle and South Isle. The forests are warm all year round and supply plenty of wood and game for its inhabitants. Under populated at the moment, it could easily be built upon to support a city for many thousands.

Sven Isle was once a part of a chain of islands that included Boreth to the south, but these were lost in the Tidal wave of Holy Isle. Sven's isle largest problem is its lack of a ritual circle, though it does have a transport circle powered from the Soul Forge Circle on Gavelle.



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