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The Bedlam Echo
Rockholme - 1102 AF
Prince Manthar retires

After many years of devotion to Mauritanja and her peoples, Prince Manthar has taken the curvature of his stomach in his hands and admitted it’s time to be ‘a fat diplomat’. The news stunned the gathered crowd on Boar Isle, and reduced many to tears, including the rest of the Royal family. The Queen took a shaken Manthar into her arms and wished him well, closely followed by Akasha, who for a moment looked about ready to explode when he announced he would be leaving Mauritanja to marry Lady Jo of the Gryphons.

The students of Bedlam wish them both well, for the future with nudges and winks.

Hail !!.. Prince Vadek!!

Still reeling from the shock of Manthar’s retirement The Queen pronounced Akasha to be her heir to the throne, and promoted Vadek Kain-Walker, to the royal family and bestowed him with the title of Prince Warhost. The crowd where elated and Hailed Vadek for quite sometime. We at the university wish him well and hope the crown will not grow to heavy to soon.

Our land is ours!!

Once again the military might of the faction has proven to be unstoppable. The Unicorn Military have finally cleansed our North Isle of the ‘would be invading scum’. Both Vipers and Skathen alike have been eradicated. Bolstered by the Victory of a viper butt kicking the military might of land and sea, swept on to a second clean sweep of Boar Isle.

But not without many losses, most notably our Princess’s son Malacci. The faction where stunned at the malevolence of monotone as he dropped the child he himself had been calling son into the blood pit, where the end was instant. Akasha was seen to crumple, then draw an immense rage and strength from her loss. This seemed to fuel Vadek who pushed and forced Monotone into his own pit, sealed none to quickly, as monotone burning, attempted to escape. The island itself is currently the central focus for the druids and healers of the university, as they attempt to save the flora and fauna from the devastation that Monotone and his minions wrought. Our thoughts are with the families who suffered loss at his hands.

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The Bedlam Echo
Rockholme - 1102 AF
Spring parliament

Promotions? Demotions? Reshuffles? Reports? questions and answers? Well that’s normally what happens isn’t it? It is only rumour, but here at the University we have heard tell that the Parliament is being held in Rockholme to annoy the Bears, who last year claimed to still have rights over the land.

Other rumours include: Akasha wants the tunnels. Vadek has a wife there. The Queen, has a wrestling match arranged with Valdrazar. And these are some of the more believable ones.

Code Breakers required

Shiva Elorian, of the Ghostwalkers, and Faction Historian, is currently looking for people with an interest in ancient artefacts and languages. Shiva has over the last year, been presented with many documents and artefacts for translation and understanding.

Unfortunately she is only one woman, and although the university has many students eager to learn all that Shiva can teach, there are very few who can assist her research. Anyone interested in a life of digging and code breaking would do well to seek out Shiva at the coming spring parliament.

Land divvying

We all live on Mauritanja, but exactly who is responsible for which bits? It is believed this will be heavily discussed at the upcoming parliament. Land ownership has never been a problem with this nation in the past, but as times move attitudes change. So it would seem, it is time to stake your claim, while you still can!

It is understood that the new economy for Mauritanja will be the driving force behind divvying up the lands in a fair and simple way. Though there have already been angered discussions. The newly appointed Minister for North Isle, Shulton, formerly of the Kith Rhae, seems to have been quite blatantly told to ‘go away’ (unfortunately the exact words cannot be printed by the Echo), by Evandar, the newly appointed leader of the Kith Rhae. Though a reliable source informs this editor this is due to the rights over a pair of tasselled chaps.

The university and the surrounding lands is government owned and so will not come under the new rulings. At least as far as we are led to believe? Question is, will this be truly fair? Or will certain folk with enough gold to throw on just anyone, be getting a far bigger share?

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