The Republics
Moot 1 - 1100 AF
Monarchists oppress free speech
Already the monarchists have decided what is going to be heard. When we tried to make our views made, the innocent people we hired as messengers were cut down and the messages burnt before our fellow Unicorns could read them. The "discussion and vote" about the creation of a monarchy was a joke, as many Unicorns were missing and only the Monarchists point of view was stated.

This decision had already been made. If the Lady General was not involved in making it then those that shall follow her into power made it for her. Before the "Queen" has been crowned, already the corruption has started.

The "Queen" herself was heard to express her doubts about the monarchy but agreed to go with the so called majority. Her leadership in the past has always been sound, it has to be asked why was her guidance ignored this time? It is clear that her senior counsellors are already being corrupted by the power of royalty, we can only hope that Adelena remains strong.

Queen Adelena Kidnapped

Already the corruption is starting, within hours of the announcement that Mauritanja was going to be turned into a monarchy. The so called "Queen Adelena" was kidnapped, by a group of people allegedly from the land of Aegyptos.

This attack came after Lady Adelena was heard saying she thought the monarchy was a bad idea and less than 24 hours since Lady Adelena named Prince Manthar and Lady Akasha as her successors. Now "Queen in waiting" Akasha has issued a call to arms to "find" Adelena and, were sure, will be issuing many more proclamations now that she has leapt from ambassador to Queen in such a manner. Of course what she intends to do with Adelena once she has her again is a different point entirely. Were sure that Akasha will give Adelena a good, tearful send off as she takes the royal crown.

Manthar Claims "It Wasnt Me"

Merchant Prince Manthar claims that he was replaced by a doppelganger for the meeting on Grynd. This obvious lie is clearly a vain attempt to escape blame. In the land of feeble excuses it ranks right up there with Im sorry I was possessed. The only testimony to back up his story was provided by his fellow butchers who also participated in the bloody slaughter

How Stupid Do You Think We Are?

We just have to say how feeble your attempts were to capture one of our agents, during our attempt to gain reparations for the families of the people slaughtered by Manthar the butcher. Did you think we would not notice the huge column of people attempting to walk nonchalantly down to the market place behind our messenger. Do you think we are blind? Were you trying to get the messengers family killed? Were you trying to get your people killed?

Fortunately for you we were merciful, we could have just sent the bodies through the Void Gate but in our mercifulness we decided the monarchy had obviously addled your minds and let them live. We will NOT be this kind again, we can find you anywhere, we can attack you anywhere, we can kill you anywhere.

The paralysis poison that was drunk by so many people, the incense poison we used on your command tent, all of these attacks were so easy to achieve. If we had used some of our more potent poisons we could have killed dozens of people. We will not warn you again renounce the monarchy or people will die.


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