The Republics
Gathering - 1100 AF
Monarchist plot to prevent free speech
In an attempt to prevent free speech the monarchists of Aegyptos shut down the transport circle, preventing us from meeting with our friends and allies amongst the Unicorn faction.

Since our creation we have received support from several important members of the Unicorn faction who also believe that the monarchy is a bad idea, unfortunately they fear reprisals if they speak out against it.

Unfortunately the shutting down of the transport circles prevented the distribution of our newsletters. It also stopped us from attending the coronation of Queen Adelena which was high on our to do list for the weekend.

Envoy to be sent to the Autumn Accounting

We feel that we have not been as approachable in the past year as many people would have liked, so as an act of trust we have arranged an envoy who will visit the Autumn Accounting. He is a merchant who we have had talks with in the past, he believes in our cause but is not an active member of the Guardians but is still willing to speak for us and act as a go between.

It goes without saying (but considering past actions of the Unicorns we’d better say it anyway) that he is not to be harmed or interferes with in any way. He does not know where to find us; we contact him not the other way round. If any harm comes to him as our spokesman then reprisals will be terrible.

Republican Red

The colour of the Unicorn’s is blue. It is a proud colour to follow. The colour of the Republic is red, for the blood spilt already in its defence by those that wish to enslave Mauritanja with a monarchy.

Any who wish to show their allegiance for the ideals of the Republic and those that fight to defend it, should talk to our representative and obtain a Republican sash from him. Obviously the Guardians of the Republic have no wish to harm those that agree with their beliefs.

Trade Caravan Poisoned

The wealth of the Unicorn people comes from its trade. If no one will trade with the Unicorns then the financial blow will cause hunger, disease and rebellion. We have poisoned one trade caravan as it passed through Mauritanja. It is currently en-route to one of the other Gathering nations, which caravan and how it was poisoned won’t be released until the Mauritanjan monarchy is renounced. (Or people start dying.)

Is it in the Wine going to the Gryphons? Is it a contact poison on that large consignment of black silk going to the Tarantulas? Maybe it’s in the food shipment going to the Vipers, or the consignment of tea to the Harts? It could be contained within anything, going anywhere.

Currently only one caravan is poisoned but we can do more, and we will. Renounce the throne at the Autumn Accounting or else.


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