The Republics
Autumn Accounting - 1100 AF
Census Ploy to Gain Monarchy Approval
The monarchy is in the process of producing a census of all Mauritanjan citizens, in theory this sounds like a fine idea until you read the small print. Obviously worried by the lack of support from the masses the "Royal Family" is attempting to get some justification for their positions.

Under the current census rules if your name appears on the census then you are a supporter of the monarchy. They will then no doubt wave the census round as proof that they have the confidence of the people when this is far from the truth.

The Guardians of the Republic urge all the Unicorn people to burn the census's as they arrive in your town or at the least refuse to sign until a genuine census is created not some flawed pretence of a voting system.

Actions of deranged King lead to War with Skathen

The King of the Skathen a race of rat-men has declared war on the Unicorn faction, allegedly by accident and now claims that he cannot overturn the decision. This has led their allies in the royal family of the Harts faction to lead a raid on the city of Rockholme. Many people died in the assault including the Unicorn Field Marshal the thoughts and the prayers of the Guardians of the Republic go out to the victims of this heinous assault planned and carried out by the royalty of the Harts. This fiasco just goes to show what happens when one individual has the power to start a war on a whim or by accident.

Monarchy vs. Republic Most people seem to be unaware about why the Guardians of the Republic are so fervent in their belief that a Republic is right for the Unicorn people. For those that do not understand the difference between a Republic and a Monarchy we would like to set out their points here.

Under a Republic each area has a representative who is willing to talk for the people there. These representatives are often the braver, stronger, more intelligent individuals like those who attend the Gathering of Nations. Each of these individuals has a voice and these voices are all equal in the council, which decides the laws of the Unicorns. There is a head of the council, a Lady or Lord General who represents the Unicorn peoples in dealings with other nations and keeps order during meetings of the council. Their vote is listened to with respect because of their position but holds no greater force than any other vote. Any position may change hands at the will of the council. All people under a Republic are constrained by the same laws, no matter what their position.

Under a Monarchy the Queen or King has ultimate power over all laws. They can change laws at a whim and break them without reprisal. They may ask the thoughts of the people, but they do not have to enforce what the people decide. They can be deposed, but only by force of arms or by their own choice.

The question to be put to the Unicorn people is whether they wish to be in charge of their own destiny, or whether they wish to put all their rights in the hands of another?

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