The Republics
Moot 1 - 1101 AF
Mauritanja returns to Shadowkin control
During the feast of "Get Stuffed 4: After Dinner Mince" the Shadowkin decided to remove their "gift" of Mauritanja and its defences from the control of Lady Adelena.

The Shadowkin had passed on the control of Mauritanja and its defences to Lady Adelena during her coronation. They had insisted that Mauritanja have a reigning Monarch, rather than a Lord or Lady General, and would only pass over the control of Mauritanja’s defences to a Queen or King.

Now, they have accused Lady Adelena of allowing Mauritanja to be almost destroyed by dropping the defences when a massive tidal swell was due. They then retook the powers they bestowed to her and restored the defences of Mauritanja just as the tidal swell hit.

It was after this that bitter infighting broke out amongst the two Shadowkin. Apparently this fight was over the succession to the Shadowkin Throne which was causing Civil war amongst the Shadowkin people. Surely this sort of civil war is proof enough of why Mauritanja should never have a Monarchy.

And now, we return to the question again, why is the entirety of the power of Mauritanja place back in one person’s hands? It is not because we need a Monarch, the need for that has gone along with the Shadowkin.

The only reason for the Monarchy to remain is because the current Monarchy is trying to keep the power it holds and stop the Unicorn people from being in control of their own destiny.

Red is the Republic

Mallor, our representative to the Unicorn people, will be attending all future Unicorn meetings. He will be carrying the Red sash of the Republic with him and for all those that wish to support the Republic should ask him for a sash.

These sashes are not instead of the Blue that we all wear as Unicorns. These sashes should be worn alongside the blue of the Unicorns, to say that we are Unicorns and we are proud to be a Republic.

Those that show the Republics support will be supported by the Republic. Those that protect the current corrupt Monarchy should hope that they are protected by it.

Adelena’s Son "fined"

We were, "unsurprised" and "unamused" to hear that Lady Adelena’s Son, Hatep, was fined a small amount of gold for being directly responsible for the death of a fellow Unicorn.

The paltry sum that he was fined went, of course, straight to the coffers of the Unicorn Monarchy.

We’re sure that Lady Adelena thought long and hard before borrowing the money from the Monarchy coffers to pay for her son’s fine.

This is just another sign of the corruption endemic in the Monarchy of Mauritanja. Next they will be selling positions of power to whoever has the most money, rather than letting the people of Mauritanja choose the most worthy.


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