The Republics
Gathering - 1101 AF
Skathen and Vipers Invade Mauritanja
Viper and Dragon fleets have brought the pollution of Skathen and Hive onto Mauritanjan soil. Landing their fleets on North Isles pristine eastern shores, the Skathen have arrogantly decided that the land they walk across is theirs.

Knowing that they could not stand against the might of the Unicorn armies, the Skathen have cowardly given the land to the Vipers. Land that they do not own and have no claim upon. The Vipers have now signed the Gathering treaty, hiding behind contracts and abusing them to their own ends.

The Gathering Treaty stops the Unicorns going to war with the treacherous and cowardly Vipers, but they have no claim over North Isle or any of Mauritanja. The land was not the Skathenís to give and the Vipers will pay dearly if they land even a single troop upon our shores.

The Guardians of the Republic are loyal Unicorns. We will put aside our differences to work with the Unicorn privy council and Lady Adelena. We will show that even though we fight against the Monarchy we are not traitors to the Unicorn people.

The Guardians of the Republic have agreed with the Unicorn Command that we shall do no harm to the Unicorn people, we shall take no more action and spread nothing to harm the Unicorns good name until this situation is resolved.

In return the Unicorn Command has given the Guardians of the Republic their protection from retaliation while this conflict continues. While good faith remains we shall work together to remove the stain of the Skathen and the Vipers from Mauritanjan soil.

The State of the State

Lady Adelena is not herself it seems. Rumours have come to the attention of the Guardians of the Republic that the "Queen" is not entirely in charge of herself.

Vikaria, the Queen of the Shadowkin who persecute the Unicorn people and, has taken control of the Unicorns beloved "Monarch". Her brother Valdrazar has control over her and the Monarchy now lies in the hands of those that have a distaste for the Unicorn nation.

If the Unicorns were a Republic then we could remove Lady Adelena from her position while something was done about Vikaria. As it is any act against the "Queen" will be treason, and any command she gives, even those force upon her by Vikaria or Valdrazar, will be law.

By handing the power of the Unicorn people into one personís hands we have handed our fate into the hands of our enemies. The people have seen this and support for our cause is stronger than ever.

Views of the People

The people of Mauritanja are starting to speak. They can see that since the Monarchy was begun Mauritanjaís fate has turned for the worse. Our defences destroyed, the Shadowkin doing as they please, our lands invaded and Sea-Demons invade our shores.

Many towns and villages throughout South Isle and North Isle have given their pledges to the Republican cause; the villages of Hutton and Firrill upon South Isle, Harbourston on North Isle and the town of Ferrygate on Sven Isle to name but a few.

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