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Mauritanjan Echo
The Heartland Games / The Moots 1103
Murder at the Games

Two Unicorns were murdered by members of their own faction at this years Heartland Games. Erredin, Dougletta and Greystoke were arrested for their involvement in the murders and removed to Capital City to await trial. However, matters got more complicated when Greystoke attacked Princess Rowan and escaped by ritual transport. He added insult to injury by going on to steal the Unicorns 1st Fleet. To further the chaos, Erredin was returned to the Games to finalise his personal arrangements, only to be snatched from the Unicorns by Orcus and Spittle. There followed much teleportation, arguing and shouting between the Empress, the Princess and Orcus and Spittle. Eventually the Gryphons, Lions, Harts and Wolves walked away from the games in protest. Erredin was then returned to the Unicorns by the Lions, who said that he had been ‘sacked’ from the circus. Greystoke is still at large and wanted.

Meldir elected ruler

On a lighter note, the Empress elected Meldir (leader of the Alashans) to be in charge of the camp at the Heartland Games, whilst the Imperial family were otherwise occupied. The Gnome dealt with this in true Unicorn style by drinking as much alcohol as possible.


Meldir elected ruler

On a lighter note, the Empress elected Meldir (leader of the Alashans) to be in charge of the camp at the Heartland Games, whilst the Imperial family were otherwise occupied. The Gnome dealt with this in true Unicorn style by drinking as much alcohol as possible.

Empress to Wed Again

Urlin Elpragh finally made the engagement official when he placed an impressive gold ring on the Empress’ finger at the Heartland Games. When questioned as to the date of the happy day, he confessed that he thought it would be a long engagement.

Lady Elmeira
steps down

Lady Elmeira has stepped down from her position as Foreign Minister and has left the faction. Reports indicate that she has left to spend more time with her husband, Master Sly. Dantarian of the Pen Cethren has been chosen as her successor.

New Species Found!

A new species of reptile has been found in the rocky landscape of Illyria. The creatures are brightly coloured but very reclusive, and have

thus remained undetected. Dr Morgan Pickett discovered the creatures whilst on a routine expedition to the area. He reported that the creatures were reptilian in appearance, about the size of a large cat, but more prone to fleeing than fighting. Attempts were made to capture a specimen, but as soon as the nets touched the creature’s scales, they burned straight through.

Mauritanja under attack by Tainted

Mauritanja has come under attack by Silver Elves tainted with lycanthropy. The beasts originate from Sonlista, the home of Princess Thiadane. A bloodied animal pelt was left by the tainted at the

Heartland Games, and was thought to be a message from the creatures. The span of the claw marks upon the pelt indicates that the creatures are of terrifying size and power. The Empress has called a dusk curfew over all of Mauritanja to protect the people. Prince Vadek Caine will be implementing marshal law as soon as the sun sets each day.

Alashan escapes from Trakalite Stronghold

The dwarf known as Gworshkoff was returned to the Alashans at the Heartland Games. He was abducted

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Mauritanjan Echo
The Heartland Games / The Moots 1103

by the Trakalites and taken to their stronghold, where he reports seeing many Trakalite and Republican supporters. However, it would appear that all is not well in the enemies camp, as Gworshkoff managed to escape when the stronghold came under attack.

Mercenary Alliance
leaves the faction

The Mercenary Alliance has been sub-contracted from the Unicorns to the Gryphons, at the request of Manthar’s wife. Prince Consort Manthar is now the Lord Provost of the Gryphons, and his tailor had obviously been hard at work to furnish him for the post. The change means that there are now members of the HOC in senior positions in 3 different factions. Is this a subtle ploy to take over Edreja?
Temple of Tarkasee dedicated in Adelena’s name

Imperial Incantor Grendal Olafson organised for the temple on Adelena Isle to be blessed by Incantors of Tarkasee. When the blessing was complete, astounded onlookers watched as a spring bubbled up and water stared to flow, forming a stream from the temple. The water was crystal clear and within minutes plants began to spring up on its edges. Stunning blue flowers erupted from the plants, scenting the temple with their sweet perfume. On closer inspection, the waters were revealed

to have healing qualities, and the feeling among those assembled was that it represented the final gift from the Queen to her people.

Unicorns betrayed by Yototama

Earlier this year, the Unicorn nation answered a plea from the Siam to aid them in their battle against Oni, Daemons from the lands of Nihon. The ambassador from the Siam, known by the name of Yototama, arranged for the Unicorns and their allies from the Wolves, Bears and Tarantulas to transport to Nihon. Once there, the Unicorns encountered hostility from a Samurai clan, known as the Dai Tashi. Despite the additional troubles, the Unicorns and allies were successful in aiding Yototama to trap the three Oni Daemons inside three crystals. However, Yototama then double-crossed those who had offered him help and rather than destroying the crystals, he used them to summon the Oni of all, a Daemon of terrifying power. A huge battle commenced and every person present was needed to defeat the foul being. After the Daemon was dispatched, it became apparent that Yototama had escaped. He was last seen laughing madly in the Nihon ritual circle.

True Unicorns plea for Aid

The True Unicorns have requested aid from the Unicorn Faction after

their temple cam under attack bySkathen. The Unicorn Elite guard have been dispatched to help deal with the Vermin problem.

Bard Murdered

The Unicorn Bards Guild Liaison, Lauryn Glitral, was murdered whilst the faction guested on Nihon. Facts surrounding her murder are scarce, but the murderer was finally tracked down. It would seem that the lady hired an untrustworthy bodyguard who decided to take action when she dismissed him from her service.

Unicorns leave Rockholme

The sensitive subject of Rockholme was again the topic of conversation at this year’s Heartland Games. A meeting of all concerned factions was organised at the Dragons Camp, with the Unicorns being represented by Paxo and the Princess. The Mayor of Rockholme declared that he wished all the factions to remove themselves from the city and that, from now onwards, the people of Rockholme would rely on aid from the Guilds. The forces that had remained in Rockholme have now been ordered across the border to aid the Bears in their fight against an unloving horde.

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Mauritanjan Echo
The Heartland Games / The Moots 1103

Carabas becomes a Lifemaster

Carabas, long time member of the Healers Guild and member of the Pen Cethren,, was confirmed as a lifemaster of the Healers at the Heartland Games. A quest was sent out from the Healers Guild that resulted in many of the party being presumed dead (including two unicorns) and Carabas falling unconscious after drinking the lifewaters. Those presumed dead were returned, only to discover that they had been infected by Plague Daemons. The Unicorns came to the aid of the Healers Guild, supplying an activated death mat for them to perform surgery upon. All the victims were cured and Carabas was also returned to his full health.

Duval missing – presumed???

General of the second army, Duval, went missing earlier in the year. He seemed to depart of his own accord, saying that he had business to attend to and leaving Lachlan in charge of his duties. The Prince was initially furious that the General had left without seeking permission, and then utterly enraged that he had to abandon all hopes of attending the Heartland Games and instead attend to the second army. Duval has still not been sighted but it is rumoured that he has disappeared to go to the aid of a relative. Fireworks are expected when he finally reappears.

Winter parliament
held on Vaecena Isle.

Last years Unicorn winter parliament was held on the Isle originally known as Vaecena, now known as Adelena Isle. The parliament was by no means a peaceful affair. The Unicorns arrived on Vaecena, and were attacked by Cu-Hurigan. A Leviathan controlled many of the foul sea dwelling creatures. The island was overflowing with magic due to a magical rift at the island's centre, and the Leviathan was going to rip this open and sink the island. The rift was in a ritual circle at the centre of the island and was guarded by a powerful golem. The Unicorns present managed to obtain a control crystal to control the guardian golem that protected the ritual circle and deactivate the portal. Shortly after the Cu-hurigan stopped attacking. Also during the weekend, the Republicans made several kidnap attempts on the Unicorns, but the Unicorns killed their leader in a counter raid on their base. The Trakalites managed to steal the Hornblade and so far it hasn't been recovered.

Theolin’s apprentice, missing, presumed dead

Endel, apprentice to the Master of Ceromies Theolin, disappeared amongst much confusion at the Heartland Games. The unfortunate

drow became the subject of an abduction aimed at the Tasratula’s by one of their enemies, the Duergar. The Unicorns and Tarantulas launched a joint mission, but the hostage takers did not show. Endel was later returned to the faction, but went missing again on two more occasions. The last people to see her alive were members of the Tarantulan house Zilv'quellar.

Far Reach attacked by Beastkin

It would seem that the troubles with Beastkin have escalated to the island sanctuary of Far Reach, although as yet no connection with the tainted has been established. A fleet of ships, numbering 4 large and 2 small ships attacked the Unicorns, containing a large number of beastkin. Troops could be seen on board dressed in gold tabards with a black, two-headed bird on them. When faced with defeat by the Unicorn Navy, they set fire to their ships and threw themselves overboard rather than being captured.

Diplomatic Update

In terms of diplomacy, Mauritanja appears to be at a high point. A strong alliance has been forged with the Bears faction after they sheltered the Princess when her life was

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Mauritanjan Echo
The Heartland Games / The Moots 1103

threatened. The Bears then followed up this gesture by handing members of their command group over to the Unicorns on the honour battlefield. The two factions then united on the subject of the Dragons unlawful invasion of the City of Rockholme. The party on the Saturday night of the Bears moot is sure to help inter-factional bonding. A treaty of non-aggression has also been established with the Tarantulan Nation, which could spell a new era of peace between us. The Vipers have also made it known that they wish to progress good relations – all good news for traders.

This Years Parliament to be held on Far Reach

This year’s winter parliament will be held on Far Reach, home to the Imperial Prince Warhost. Prince Vadek has called all Unicorns and

allies to attend the Imperial family on the tenth day of the tenth month of this year. New faction positions will be announced, old ones confirmed and glasses raised to heroes past and present.

Rumours of Imperial Ceremony

Our researchers have unearthed rumours that an Imperial Ceremony will take place in the near future, centred upon the Empress with the support of the rest of the royal family. So far details are scarce, but it would seem that the ceremony will be to mark some sort of private celebration. In conjunction with this, Lord Ertu has been seen visiting Bedlam at regular intervals. Is there a new Prince of Princess on the way? Or is the Prince Warhost to remarry?

Situations Vacant

The following positions are currently in need of filling, or will require filling at this years Autumn Parliament:

Imperial Alchemist Guild Liaison
Imperial Armourer Guild Liaison
General of the Fourth Army
Apprentice to the Master of Ceremonies

If you are interested in any of these posts, or would like the opportunity to train under an existing member of the Imperial Court, contact the Princess Arcane or Lady Talabrina


Mauritanjan Echo
The Heartland Games / The Moots 1103

Imperial Ceremony disaster

The Empress announced at the first moot that she intended to renew her marriage vows with the Demon Lord Ertu, in the ritual circle on the Friday night of the first moot.
The faction gathered around the ritual circle in Babylon, just before midnight, to witness the ceremony. Eyewitnesses report that a Daemon ritualist and Daemon contributors were called forth from the void.
The Empress then confirmed Prince Vadek and Princess Rowan as her children, naming them blood of her blood and charging them to always look after each other and Mauritanja. The Prince and Princess pledged themselves to their new mother.
The Daemon ritualist then called forth the Daemon Lord, but he failed to arrive. At this point true chaos broke out as the Empress’s engagement ring from Urlin Elpragh began to heat up and cause her pain. The Princess went to her aid, only to be struck down by a surge of ritual magic. The Prince went to heal the Princess, but was sucked away from her prone body and drawn into the void. The Empress then fell and the Daemon ritualist started to blow up his contributors, complaining that there was too much power in the circle.
Unicorns on the outside watched in

horror as the Imperial family fell before their eyes. Grendal began to attempt to strike the seal with an artefact weapon, but was warned that he could kill all those inside.
When all seemed lost, Prince Vadek returned from the void and removed the ring from the Empress. The ritual seal was dropped and the Unicorns rushed in. The Prince appeared quite different, with marking reminiscent of grey scales covering his face. Otherwise he seemed unharmed.
The Empress was awakened in the guild area and, unfortunately, the first person she laid eyes upon was Urlin. It is reported that there was much shouting, but the drow male appeared to escape with his life intact, if not his eardrums. Later on it was noticed that the skin on the Empresses back had turned black and the veins appeared to be raised and protrude above the flesh. The affliction seemed to spread as the weekend progressed.
The Princess was given into the care of Sol Tempest and remained unconscious for some time. It would appear that, whilst unconscious, the Princess was blessed with the vision of the Unicorn Herds running free on Mauritanja. She said that Cadrus Cornus spoke to her, and reminded her that all Unicorns should watch
and maintain the balance. Further, it would appear that the Unicorn Ancestor intends to test his people, in order to make sure they are ready for what awaits them in the future.
When the Princess was finally woken, she was utterly blind. The healing skills of the Grand Master Healer restored a small amount of her sight, but the princess now needs a constant guide (a position currently filled by the Lady Lewenna of the Order) and is unable to read of write. There are some strange and, as yet, unconfirmed reports that whilst the Princess can see little of the living, she can locate and see unliving entities better than ever
In conclusion it would appear that the engagement ring, given to the Empress by Urlin, caused some sort of energy surge in the ritual circle, preventing the Daemon Lord from entering through the void, and nearly ending the reign of the Imperial family. Investigations are underway to attempt to discover the source of the ring.


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