Queen Adelena
Adelena, Queen of the Unicorns

Last Position held within the Faction
The Queen of Mauritania

The Gathering of Nations, 1102
"If you have nothing to trade, then we have nothing to talk about."

More information on Adelena:
Lady Adelena was a member of the Unicorns since the Nation was founded, and rose through to become the Lord General of the Faction, and later, through a deal with the Shadowkin, the Queen of Mauritania, responsible for the protection of the lands. Lady Adelena was well-loved by her people, and was the founding of much of the Nation's strength today.
Lady Adelena was tragically killed in a ritual performed by the King of the Shadowkin, which rended her pattern and returned her to the Unicorns as an unliving creature. She was laid to rest after saying her final goodbyes to her people. She will be sorely missed and well remembered.

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