Durthrack Whoppa-Chopper Olafson
Durthrack Whoppa-Chopper Olafson

Last Position held within the Faction

Convocation of Guilds (Year Unknown)
House Swiftblade

More information on Durthrack:
Durthrack Whoppa-Chopper Olafson, a half kender, was well known throughout the kender community as Papa Kender, due to the amount of wives that he managed to aquire throughout his life, even though the other side of his parentage was unknown. A warrior healer, Durthrack followed Oggy, an Ancestor of Balance.

Durthrack was killed during a Convocation of Guilds, when he was attacked and cut down on his way to the latrines by a gang of Skathen

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