Grendal, posing in Nihon, 1103
Grendal Olafson, Knight of Ancalime

Position within the Faction
Imperial Incantor, Dark Diplomat

"What have I done this time?"

More information on Grendal:
Grendal Olafson was born in a small village called Norcantar. When his mother died in childbirth he was brought up by his father and various other women from the Olafson clan, the most notable of those being Shelanka a priestess of Odin. Shelanka taught Grendal the ways of the world and the ways of the incantor and with her guidance he became a incantor who worshiped Odin the all father.
After losing both his father and Shelanka, Grendal became grief stricken and he spent the next few weeks praying for guidance but to no avail. Cormak, his cousin, came to Grendal and told him that he was leaving for new lands to find allies to help his people and Grendal joined him in his search. Cormak trained him in the use of the sword and in the customs of these strange new lands. They arrived many years ago now to the Unicorns and Grendal's skills soon gained him a position as Bodyguard to the Lord general of the Unicorns and then the role of Captain of the Gate guard. He worked for some time to gain the trust and respect of the Unicorns and made many good friends He became a Knight of Ancalime a year after joining the Unicorns and was Knighted after a battle with a large horde of unliving, where Grendal showed great courage and stupidity so the Knights said. Grendal's Worship of the All Father soon changed to a worship of Ancalime and Grendal's powers of Incantation grew. Grendal later changed his worship again to follow Ancalime the White.
The next big event in his life was his Love for Adelena, though Grendal did not wish to mention this as he felt the Lady far too good for him. However, sometime later, a creature known as a love/hate Golem attacked a small get together of Unicorns. The creature turned it's powers on Grendal to cause it to hate Adelena, yet Grendal resisted it's powers, and the pair were married at the next Gathering of Nations.
Grendal later was promoted to the position of Minister of Justice before becoming the Imperial Incantor. With Adelena's death, Grendal mourns and swears that he will never remarry, for his heart belongs to her.

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