Princess Thiadain at the Gathering
of Nations, 1103
Princess Thiadain

Last Position held within the Faction
Master of Ceremonies

Far Reach, parliament, 1103
The Silver Elves of Son Lista
"Work? What's that?"

More information on Thiadain:
Princess Thiadain was the daughter of King Anton of the Silver Elves of Sonnlista. She was sent by her father as an emmisary to Mauritainja to re-establish old links with the people there. Used to a life of priviledge at court she found it difficult at first to understand the ways of the Unicorn people but she has adapted well.

The Princess was killed in the battle against the Undead Unicorn at the island of Far Reach, taking a fatal wound to the head with the Unicorns being unable to reach and heal her.


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