1101 AF
The Year 1101AF was a time of testing for the Unicorns. During Get Stuffed IV, the mists that protected Mauritanja were destroyed by the tidal wave of Holy Isle's landing and plunged Mauritanja back into the Heartlands. It also destroyed many of the small islands that surrounded North and South Isle and forever changed the landscape of Mauritanja.

During this time the Shadowkin civil war erupted into Mauritanja and tidal wave that destroyed the mists also destroyed the power that kept the Shadow Realm in its place. With their home slowly fading the Shadowkin returned to Mauritanja and their King, Valdrazar, has tried to subjugate the Unicorn people ever since.

The Vipers and Dragons struck Mauritanja when it was still recovering from its looses and landed thousands of Skathen in an invasion of North Isle. Over the next 6 months the fighting steadily grew in its intensity as the Vipers brought in troops of their own and again pressed the Unicorn fleets in all out war. Meanwhile the Sea Hags awoke a slumbering race of Sea Demons which seemed to attack the forest isles and Grynd indiscriminately. New islands were found after the mists disappeared and these caused problems of their own.

But come the end of the year the Unicorns started the fight back. They managed to shift the Skathen and Vipers from North Isle, with the help of the Gryphons and Calebii. They pursued and sunk the Viper fleets, including the great battle barge Fenn which now lies off of the coast of Muarabia, a burning wreck. Blood Isle was retaken from Monotone, and returned to being Boar Isle once more.

The year has been one of change, and over the winter turned into one of rebuilding. The Unicorns have returned to Erdreja and are now here to stay.


Unicorn Casualties in 1101:

Sergeant Wolf

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